The main focal point of a home is the living room. Although, most often,  it would represent one of only two or three rooms for any small houses or apartments. For that reason, the living rooms, just like any other, need to perform multiple functions while having a modest size in mind. 

One of the best qualities of small space apartments, homes, and their living or any other rooms is that they have a “chameleon-like nature.” It is unbelievable what you can do in limited space when you realize that more stuff or more room is actually not needed. All you need is a bit of creativity when it comes to layout. 

“Open Up” Your Space

Every piece of furniture matters in a narrow shaped room. It is recommended to choose leaner wall sconces and tables, for instance, to save as much as possible floor space. When it comes to seating, club chairs and tight-back sofas are your best friends. The reason being, they are just as comfortable and a lot less deep when compared to loose-back options. It would be wise to consider shelves that are mounted on the wall and a floating desk. 

These are better choices than any bulky bookcases and workstations. Basically, you need to be strategic with your layout. Start by determining what the room’s assets are. Afterward, make those the focal point as much it is possible, which in return will make the room look appealing. The best choice would be to enhance things by using lighter colors, which will create a sense of expansiveness. 

For instance, if you have a stunning fireplace, draw attention to it. Generally, the limited space will challenge you to think beyond convention. In a situation where the room is narrow and long, it would be wise to place sofas back-to-back. That will allow you to have two seating areas.


Usually, small spaces are often overlooked. Although they represent countless creative opportunities that you can take advantage of. For instance, the best way you can start is to use decorative mirrors. Mirrors can create the illusion of having more space. As Jessica Wheeler, a professional at, would say, every design element should be intentional. Mirrors as just the right example. They can make a boxed-in room feel airy and open as well. This is especially the case if placed strategically. If you want a  dramatic impact, multiple mirrors can be used. 

As a result, they will be able to reflect all light available in the room. The better the effect is if you were to place multiple mirror pieces on the adjacent wall.  Using this trick is great since the mirrors will add depth to the room too. 

Focus on Looking Up

Of course that in any interior, there is both a horizontal and a vertical dimension. So, if any of your rooms lack surface area or square footage and yet have a high ceiling, you could get a lot of mileage out of extra space—the answer on how would lie in decorating it in a way that will draw the eyes upwards. For instance, floor-to-ceiling drapes are an excellent way which can take advantage of vertical space. 

furniture in the living room

Not only that this trick will accentuate tall windows, but it can also add airiness as well as height to a room. Eclectic wallpaper or a group of small artwork pieces can also emphasize the vertical dimension since it will invite your vision to roam beyond the eye-level, which makes a cramped space feel larger than it actually is.

The Middle

It is tempting to push all big furniture up against the walls and open up the middle’s flooring. Although it is an option, still space would be better used if brought to the middle. Even if not conventional, the space between the room walls and the back of your sofa or couch will immediately create the illusion of space in the living room.

No matter if you live in a beautiful large home or a studio apartment, maximizing your space to make it look bigger and keep all your stuff is always a struggle. Even when you think you have done it all good, somehow the room ends up not being large enough.

Thankfully, these furniture layout secrets exist and will assist you. Your space can be used as much as possible, which will leave those worries on the side. All left to do afterward is to relax in your stylish and yet well-used home.