Gambling experts predict that the profits of online gambling will reach $1 trillion by 2021. It is an easy-to-reach target taking into account how fast the industry develops and what perspectives it has. So what trends in the field of gambling should be focused on in 2020-2021? What should we expect in the near future?

Online Gambling as It Is

The guarantee that the best Canadian online casinos will maintain their leading positions in the market and receive a high income is associated with the reliability of the establishment. To attract potential players, online casinos must have an official license, a transparent payout system, well-thought-out bonus programs, and games from proven companies. Besides that, there are additional ways to attract customers: they can change from year to year and are directly dependent on the development of technology.

Gambling Industry in 2020: General Trends

The main areas of gambling last year were the development of the mobile segment and live games. Back in 2019, Statistica published survey data, according to which 10% of players regularly use smartphones for gambling. Due to the trend, the number of mobile versions of slots from popular developers continues to grow. What other trends should you be ready for?

  • Mobile casino games;
  • Live casino;
  • VR casino games;
  • Telegram casinos;
  • Cryptocurrency casinos.

According to App Annie, 60% of the world’s gaming revenue will go to the mobile segment. The overall average annual growth rate from 2017 to 2021 will be 17.3%. These trends apply to both online casinos and sports betting via smartphones. This growth in this segment is since mobile technologies are becoming more accessible and that communication standards are improving. Accessing a gambling resource through the app is faster and easier than from a computer.

Games with live dealers, so-called live casinos, are becoming more widespread and popular. Their popularity also depends on the availability of games with live dealers. It is expected that these will soon be available in the mobile format.

VR casino games attract new players. They create a 100% realistic gaming atmosphere ensuring full immersion of a player in the gameplay process. Virtual reality games are today developed by Microgaming, Novomatic, NetEnt, and many other companies.

Last year, online casino players appreciated the convenience of the Telegram messenger for gambling. In particular, thanks to this channel, you can enjoy top-quality gameplay even with a bad mobile Internet signal. A special Telegram bot is an intermediary between the online casino and the player, which is very convenient in those countries where gambling traffic is blocked. Algorithms of actions are registered on the game resource, and the user gets access to it and can carry out actions thanks to commands in a chat (to place bets, withdraw funds, etc.).

Blockchain technology is used in many areas where transparency of processes and speed of financial transactions are important. Its advantages are also used in the field of gambling. Thanks to the introduction of blockchain in gaming resources, users can pay with cryptocurrency and be confident in the honesty of companies.