These days, it seems that people have stopped communicating in real life. One may just look around and notice that on the square, in public transport, in a cafe, most people have smartphones in their hands scrolling the feed. Why is checking mailbox or a new pic of a famous blogger on Instagram has become more important than talking to a colleague or friend in front?

This is a logical question. However, digitalization is a global phenomenon which has influenced not only the way goods and services are advertised. Almost all life has got the connection with the Internet in some particular way. Nowadays, there are diverse services for online dating like Ladadate, for ordering food for dinner or medicine from a pharmacy. The world has almost lost borders and boundaries with online broadcasts and messengers for communication.

Lots of people, not only those who belong to Generation Z, have started getting acquainted on the Internet. Despite the intentions, it can be an unforgettable experience. One may find a friend across the ocean or meet online a girl he has always dreamt of and discover that she lives in the uptown.

Benefits of Modern Relationships

  • Contemporary people do not waste time on relations which are not interesting to them; due to communication online, they express honestly intentions, thus, almost from the very beginning, a couple understands what it is about.
  • Besides, young people tend not to get married before they try living together to understand if they match. Thus, the level of divorces is expected to reduce.
  • Online services assist in being romantic: it is so easy to order flowers delivery or booking a hotel for an amorous weekend.
  • It is simple to stay in touch even when life circumstances make a couple stay apart for a while: education abroad or a business trip.
  • Until the age of 30-35, most young people are focused on personal growth and career before they start thinking about kids. In such a way, parenthood is more conscious, thus, lots of mistakes in bringing a child up are avoided.

Generation Stereotype

Disadvantages of “Digitized” Love

  • Much more time is spent with a laptop or a smartphone in hands. So, in some way, those who are supposed to the closest are driven apart.
  • There are much more temptations on the Internet. For this reason, a new and unformed relationship may be destroyed because of unclever mistakes.
  • The contemporary pace is quite fast and evolves all the time. It may happen that one out of a couple cannot manage to catch the pace of the second one.

There is nothing strange that modern technologies have penetrated and changed even the way people build their love relationships. It is essential not to let them captivate people completely. Using smart technologies, humanity shall remember that they shall be utilized smartly. Every device and gadget was designed to make life easier and to assist with boring routine. Using them moderately will bring no harm.