Wedding days have always been memorable, but the digital age has raised the stakes. You may now want a luxurious wedding that should look spectacular in the photos as well as in real life. This way, you’ll get to feel like a real princess on the biggest day of your life.

The beauty of any luxury wedding is in the details. The following elements will have a great influence in making your event the best it can possibly get:

  1. Get The First Look

Get together with your significant other before the wedding and have the photographer tag along. This will allow you to scout out the venue, check which areas have the best lighting, and capture some private moments as well.

You might have to pay a little extra for the photographer’s services, but the results will be worth it. That luxurious effect of the best places might not occur to you in the excitement of the big day. Therefore, you should look at the venue with a clear mind before the event so you can benefit from it during the festivities. This also leaves you free to shop at Azazie for your bridesmaid dresses.

  1. Fill Everything With Light

Whether you choose to go to the natural or synthetic way, modern weddings are full of light. If you’re having a day wedding, consider having it outdoors or have large windows to let in the sunlight. You can also consider some towering floral decorations that will make an airier surrounding.

If the wedding is at night, you should go for bright flowers, crystal chandeliers, and candles in every corner. These can be electric kinds in order to have a safer setting.

Wedding Flowers

  1. Reuse Your Flowers

After the ceremony, those huge flower arrangements will come in handy. Use them as backdrops for the main table. The same goes for the candles; you can move one glowing column to each table so that everyone can enjoy the experience.

wedding cake

  1. Get A Customized Cake

If you have a lot of people to serve, getting some sheet cakes is usually the best option. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t have a small, customized cake for your own pleasure (and Instagram!). By choosing one of the best wedding cake toppers, you can really let your personality shine and put your own twist on the wedding theme.

Cakes come in all sorts of designs now, so feel free to have a two or three-tiered cake with the decoration of your choice. This could be a cascading bunch of real flowers, some figurines from your favorite show, or the whole cake in a tux design.

wedding photography

  1. Go For Natural Elements

No one can quite capture the beauty of nature with anything man-made, so it’s always preferable to pose in natural surroundings. If you’re having a mountain wedding, make sure the photographer gets a shot of the couple looking down on a spectacular view. A sunset, rainbow, or any other natural setting will also be amazing.

castle wedding venue

  1. Choose A Venue With Character

If you have a limited budget for décor, make sure your venue has some serious character right at the beginning. For instance, you may go for a botanical garden, an art gallery, or even a museum for your event. You can also rent out a pristine vacation home for a beautiful, intimate wedding. This will be cheaper than renting a whole wedding venue, and also give you enough room to do things your way.

It’s Time To Celebrate In A Special Way

The tips above are applicable in the case of a small, intimate home wedding or a full-fledged destination event. Naturally, you can also use them for anything in between. You deserve some luxury on your wedding day, so don’t be afraid to ask for it!

It’s also important to remember who your wedding is all about, you. Sleep in a little, eat what you want, and try meditating or taking CBD oil to help relieve the overwhelming stress that inevitably accompanies a wedding.