The following Disney World information is intended for everyone who adores Disney and is ready to plan an ideal visit sometime this year. If you are among those who are scheduling an adventure in the coming weeks or months, it is important to bear in mind that things at the park are rather different now that social distancing is critical for safety.

Focus On Obtaining Passes Now

This has been a big topic of conversation among all of us lately. Anyone preparing to visit Disney now or into the next year needs to have a grasp of the new Park Pass system at Disney. Given pandemic-related concerns and the need for social distancing, Disney is working to have a strong handle on just who is coming to the parks and when they are there—as such, merely having an admission ticket is no longer sufficient. To enter the park, it is also necessary to make a reservation ahead of time. Once you have tickets and they have been linked to a My Disney Experience account, it is wise to use the Park Pass system to establish which of the parts you will visit on which day of your trip.

Bear in mind that Park Pass reservations can and do fill up, so the key is to take care of this task as early as possible so that you are sure to have a time slot. Additional information about Park Pass reservations is available here. Joining a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) gives you unique access to great discounts and benefits when staying at Disney resorts. If you are interested in becoming a member, be sure to research and plan ahead of time as well. Understanding DVC points charts and utilizing online tools such as resale marketplaces can help make the process smoother and more affordable. Further information about the membership and benefits can be found on the Disney Vacation Club website.

Familiarize Yourself With the My Disney Experience App

The role of technology at Disney World is more significant than ever before in this pandemic environment, so you must get accustomed to using it to maximize your Disney visit. First, download the My Disney Experience app to a smartphone and get your Disney World reservation linked to it. Now you will have access to a handy dashboard for everything related to your trip to the parks. This will be where you make Park Pass reservations, and restaurant reservations, obtain MagicBands, photography packages, and more.

The app’s functionality is even greater once you arrive at the parks, particularly as Disney shifts toward a nearly cashless environment. After arriving at Disney, you can use your My Disney Experience account to do everything from ordering food, unlocking your hotel door, learning when buses will arrive, researching attraction wait times, and making cashless payments for almost anything you buy.

Make Dining Reservations Early

In order to fully enjoy the dining options Disney has to offer, some planning can make the process much easier. It is necessary to have reservations at all table-service options in the parks as well as the resorts. Furthermore, Disney has decided to limit visitors to the resorts to those staying inside the property and those with table-service restaurant reservations.

Right now, reservations can be made up to 60 days ahead of time via the My Disney Experience app. Given that restaurant capacity is currently limited to facilitate social distancing, it is best to make reservations as early as possible. There are still certain character dining experiences offered at some of the restaurants, but characters are not permitted to visit individual tables, give autographs, or pose for pictures with guests. They can only be admired from afar. Learn more about the procedures here.

Disney World Hotel Resort. Photo by George Pagan III via unsplash

Select Resort Hotels With Care

There is no doubt that all Disney resort properties offer terrific experiences for visitors of all ages. But, some research into which one is likely to suit your needs best can go a long way toward enhancing your visit. Choosing a resort that is close to the attractions you most want to visit is a smart move. For example, if you plan to spend time at the Magic Kingdom, the Contemporary Resort makes a lot of sense. The Boardwalk Resorts are close to Hollywood Studios and EPCOT, so those who are interested in those attractions may want to choose those accommodations. The Skyliner route makes numerous attractions even more accessible to several resorts. Still, the key is to scope things out early and plan your logistics as carefully as possible.

Select The Ideal Masks For Your Trip

It used to be that comfortable walking shoes were considered to be an essential apparel item for an enjoyable Disney experience. Still, under current public health circumstances, there may be one item in particular that has taken precedence. Masks are now a critical consideration when it comes to spending time at Disney. Not every mask is the same. Certain masks are too tight, some are too loose, and others irritate the skin. As such, make sure to test out a variety of masks before leaving home so that you have a pleasant time in the parks. Disney has its own set of guidelines that should also be kept in mind as you consider which masks to use during your park adventures.

By heeding the tips found above, there is no reason that your Disney experience — even in the midst of pandemic-related safety precautions — cannot be the magical, memorable, and fun endeavor to which you and your family have been looking forward.