Are you seeing more hair in your brush or in the shower? Are you trying to cover bald spots? Hair is a sign of health, youth, and vitality. Whether you are male or female, we all want thick, healthy hair. There is a natural solution.

Dr. Ray Nettles is the inventor of the first treatment for androgenic alopecia, a condition that affects both men and women at all phases of life. He sees clients virtually from anywhere in the world.

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Dr. Nettles

Dr. Nettles and his team provide a free no-obligation video consultation where they review the potential case and determine if they believe their program can work for the potential client. They are not interested in wasting people’s time or money if they don’t believe the program will work for them. 

In the consultation the hair regrowth expert they meet with over video will also walk them through the program, the process, and expected pricing, as well as answer any questions they have about the program, hair loss, and hair regrowth. 

The next step is the comprehensive assessment process. Dr. Nettles does not believe you can effectively treat anything without an accurate diagnosis. So, he and his team first want to understand all the factors that are contributing to the client’s hair loss. They have found it’s not the same for everyone, so a one size fits all approach doesn’t work.

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The comprehensive assessment process is held over 2 appointments. In the first appointment Dr. Nettles and associates review the medical history and hair health history as well as collect details and baseline photographs from the potential client. They are then sent to a local lab to have their blood drawn for their biochemical report card or BRC labs.

The BRC is a comprehensive review of their nutritional status, their inherited enzyme activity, all their cells health, the health of all their organs, their immune system, their hormones and thyroid for women or prostate health for men. It’s much more comprehensive than any annual physical labs and gives Dr. Nettles an extensive view of both their overall health and all the biomarkers that contribute to hair loss.

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Part 2 of the assessment happens after they get the results from the blood work. In that appointment, Dr. Nettles will go over all their results with them and explain what everything means. They’ll get a copy of the report which includes his analysis and recommendations for improving their overall health too.

Dr. Nettles then uses that information to create a personalized holistic program individually to each person’s unique causes of hair loss using precise formulas to repair enzyme defects and re-balance their individual Biochemistry. This is what allows their hair to regrow while also improving their overall health and well-being. 

Note that the whole assessment process is also risk-free. If at any time during those 2 appointments Dr. Nettles or his team doesn’t believe the patient’s hair can be successfully regrown, they will refund their assessment fee and again not take them on as a client.

Dr. Nettles has 25 years of research and clinical treatment. He has discovered that not only is every person unique, but the contributing factors to their hair thinning can also be unique. As a result, he developed a comprehensive set of lab panels to understand not only the factors contributing to your hair loss but also the impact on your overall health and well-being.

Due to a family history of hair loss, Dr. Nettles started to research genetic inheritance patterns and DNA which led to medical school followed by specialized training in all facets of hair restoration, including working alongside pioneers of the FUE method.

Grow Back your natural hair with Dr. Ray Nettles

He soon realized that transplants do not stop the progress of hair loss and had an AHA moment when discovering that just as we now understand the good and bad types of cholesterol, so testosterone also has good and bad components and that the ratio between them would lead to his ultimate discovery of precision medicine.

He has spent years studying biochemistry, working with a team of scientists and pharmacists and in the research and development of this program to ensure that it is both simple to use and so that it works every time.

“It’s important to understand that you cannot effectively treat anything unless you fully understand all the underlying root causes. What we have found with hair loss is that even though for most people there is a genetic component, that is not the case for everyone unless we identify and treat everything impacting your hair health,” stated Nettles.

Hair regrowth takes time. On average their clients should expect to regrow their hair in 1/3 to 1/2 the time they took to lose it depending on how compliant they are with the program. Hair does not regrow overnight. Each follicle loses hairs one at a time. They grow back also one at a time. 

You want to catch hair loss early. It is much easier (and more cost-effective) to prevent hair loss than to regrow a significant amount. Additionally, there is a point after which hair follicles will be reabsorbed by the body and can no longer be revived and their hair regrown. You want to start as early as you see that initial hair loss.

If you have a special event coming up, a wedding, travel, a party in the coming months, or just want to regain your confidence. then start your hair-growth journey and get ready to WOW everyone.

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