If you are looking for a way to incorporate a bit of added luxury to your home as well as relaxing after a long day, then a hot tub may be the perfect answer. Unfortunately, many people dive into purchasing a hot tub without doing their research and end up with a tub that doesn’t fit their needs or is not the best quality. Our guide to buying a hot tub will not only share what you should look for but will also help you to understand what you need for your property.

What Features and Specifications to Look Out for

When you start planning your hot tub purchase, you must consider what you need from it to get the right model. The specifications you should have in mind include:

  • The size of the hot tub you need and the number of seats you want.
  • How deep you want the water to be.
  • Whether you want lounge-style seating or an all-seater option.
  • The number of pumps and jets you require.
  • Whether you want a hydro-massage option or a standard tub.
  • If you want to include lighting, audio, or other tech features to run the tub.
  • What type of filtration system you want.

The Importance of Testing

When it comes to testing the hot tub, there are two stages for you to work through: dry testing and wet testing. A dry test is when you can get hands-on with the tub in its dry form and look at all the features, try out the seating and learn more about the additional options that you can incorporate into your tub. When you dry test, you should aim to shortlist between three and four tubs. When you have decided on your shortlist, you can move forward to the wet test stage.

Quality hot tub sellers will always have a wet test area available to you where you can don your swimmers and try out your shortlisted tubs in peace and privacy. This stage of testing is the most important as it will allow you to experience your future tub first-hand. You can take this time to ask any questions you have and then take the time to relax and work out which tub fits your requirements best. WhatsSpa? have recommended that to get the right tub for you, a wet test is essential and should never be avoided.

Common Buying Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to making your purchase, use these following tips so that you avoid these common errors:

Don’t Choose the Wrong Jets Setup for Your Requirements

The jets inside a hot tub are the parts that provide you with a relaxing feel and help you to unwind. Therefore, selecting the right jets is vitally important for you to get the most from your purchase. Ideally, you should aim for a tub that comes with adjustable jets and ones that offer an adjustable water flow; that way, you will always have a tub that can meet your relaxation needs.

Don’t Choose an Unreliable Dealer Or Website.

As with any large purchase, the seller is as important as the product itself. A reliable and honest hot tub dealer will offer you a range of trial options and be willing to let you see the products on offer before you buy. Sadly, if a deal looks too good to be true, then it probably is, and so it is well worth checking out reviews and asking lots of questions before you part with any cash.

Don’t Buy Without Checking the Maintenance Requirements.

Keeping your hot tub in good working order is essential if you are keen to enjoy it for many years to come. Therefore, it is wise to check out how easy it is to maintain the model you want and whether you will need any specialist kit to keep it running.

Don’t Buy Without Checking the Warranty Offer.

When you are ready to buy, make sure you check out what the warranty covers so that you don’t end up footing a large repair bill! You should look for a warranty covering the shell structure and surface, the equipment needed to run the tub and cover for any leaks that occur due to faulty plumbing lines and fittings.


Buying a hot tub should provide you with that added luxury you have been dreaming of, and ensure this happens, you need to be savvy when purchasing. By following our advice, you can be confident that when you find that perfect hot tub, you will not end up regretting it after installation.