As gun owners, you should know that organizing and storing our weapons is an important responsibility. You also probably know that it can be confusing to figure out what to do with all of the different parts. The following are some tips for organizing and storing your firearms in a safe way.

Lock Ammo Away Separately  

Never keep your guns and ammo in the same place. It’s a cardinal rule for gun safety, and it goes double when you have children in your home or plan to sell/give away your weapons. Find separate places to put everything away, and it’s best to even keep them in different rooms in the house. Keep your ammo safes in your bedroom or basement, while your guns are in your study. Whatever you choose, just make sure that only you have access to both.

This is especially important if you have children in your home. Some safety experts recommend keeping the ammo and gun separately locked away even when you’re not at home to prevent an accident or a break-in from happening, while others say it’s good enough just to keep them hidden out of sight. 

The more secure your storage system for both your guns and ammunition is, the better off everyone will be! Just make sure that only responsible adults (preferably yourself) can access both firearms and their ammo without any assistance. 

Lock Your Guns Away So That Only You Can Reach Them

Invest in a weapon’s cabinet which only you will be able to open using a key or a combination. If you have children, be sure to put it somewhere their little hands can’t reach as well as somewhere where the cabinet’s contents won’t tempt them.

If your weapon is valuable and/or powerful, keep it locked away in its case when not in use. This means that if someone wants to steal from you they will probably go after something less difficult than stealing from an organized gun enthusiast with a safe full of secured weapons!

Don’t forget about organizing other kinds of guns such as hunting rifles and ammunition storage either. These are equally important! Make sure that any additional pistols or firearms are stored separately from one another so that there isn’t confusion between which firearm belongs to whom among family members.

Keep Your Weapons Clean

Clean guns mean they won’t malfunction. Taking a few moments to make sure your weapons are clean will ensure that you won’t have any problems with them. It’s important to never load a firearm when cleaning it as this can lead to accidents happening. You should always check twice before cleaning if the weapon is loaded or not even if you think it isn’t! 

Here’s how to clean the gun properly:

  • Clear the weapon
  • Make sure it is unloaded and safe to handle. 
  • Disassemble your firearm by removing all parts carefully. 
  • Clean each part individually with the proper tools. 
  • Oil it up so that everything works fine 
  • Reassemble your firearm after cleaning it completely

Keep All Your Guns Unloaded 

Whenever not in use, you have to keep all your weapons unloaded. This is a necessary step to ensure the safety of people who may be around them as well as those very weapons themselves. 

In addition, organizing and storing your weapons this way will prevent anyone from being tempted to use or play with them when you are not present since they can’t just pick up a gun that has no bullets inside. In other words, keeping all your guns unloaded keeps everyone safe, including yourself!

Even if your kids do somehow reach these guns they cannot endanger themselves or anyone else because they are not loaded. It’s also a great thing to do because in cases of disasters like earthquakes they can fire while stored away which can bring damage to your home and possibly harm someone who is nearby. 

Use Trigger Locks On All Guns 

Probably the most essential thing to do before putting a gun away is to use a trigger lock. This will ensure that the gun is not accidentally fired when organizing and storing your weapons.

Trigger locks can be found in most hardware stores, but there are also websites that sell them online for a cheaper price than you would find at the store! You just have to do some research before buying one so you know which brand works best with what kind of guns you own. Trigger locks should only cost around $15-20 dollars on average, depending on where they’re sold. 


Gun safety is essential for every gun owner especially if there are young kids running around. Make sure to keep the guns and the ammo separately and lock them away so that only you can reach them. Keep your weapons clean and never keep them loaded. For additional safety, put trigger locks on each of your weapons. This way, nobody gets hurt!