Crystals come in all shapes, sizes, cuts, and colors. Its aesthetic appeal is not the only thing that makes them famous. As the number of believers in alternative healing grew larger and larger, so did its healing properties. You might have heard of the different bodily ailments that crystals can heal. That includes healing the intangible such as deep emotional distress. If you are beginning to get acquainted with these stones, then keep reading as we give the crystals that should be in your possession.

  • Amethyst 

This semi-precious stone is known for its gorgeous deep violet to lilac hues. It also is known as the most famous purple gem. Amethysts are associated with the crown chakra. Greeks called it Amethystos, meaning sober. With its association to the crown chakra, a levelheaded mindset is what this crystal brings.

As for the crystal’s healing effects on the body, it aids in insomnia. This crystal also helps in boosting the immune system as it purifies and cleanses the blood. There were also reports that Amethyst helps restore one’s vitality after chemotherapy and Radiation therapy procedures.

  • Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is the most popular choice among believers in alternative therapy or medicine among the healing crystals under quartz. It is strongly associated with the opening of the heart chakra. It also purifies the heart as it receives all forms of love. Rose quartz can also alleviate problems with the sinuses, the ears, and the throat and is also helpful in relieving migraines. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks utilized this crystal in its powdered form to make facial masks. They believe that it will prevent aging.

  • Citrine

The French word Citron, meaning lemon. Was where this crystal’s name was derived. Like the vibrant color of the lemon, Citrine is the perfect crystal that reverberates with one’s energy. It also symbolizes abundance, joy, and energy transmutation. This crystal will be good to be placed in the center of houses and table office to attract positive energy. It also aids in reproductive problems and mental health issues such as depression and phobias.

  • Black Tourmaline 

This dark-hued precious gem is well known as a protection stone. Aside from the protection that it provides, it also absorbs negative energies, emotional tensions, and physical tensions. It is why offices and residential houses use this crystal as a cleansing tool for negative auras and unwelcoming presence. You can wear it as a necklace to protect yourself from hostile thought projections.

  • Lapis Lazuli

The shades of blue of this crystal with its gold flecks give this stone its mystic charm.  Lapis lazuli is known to invoke self-awareness and courage to take charge of things in your life. It is also one of the protection stones like black obsidian and black tourmaline. Aside from this, it helps overcome anxiety and depression. Healers also use it for blood pressure suppression, laryngeal, and thyroid support.

Final Thoughts 

The allure of the crystals mentioned is not solely focused on their faceted appearance. Their metaphysical properties made them a catch for anyone who collects crystals. As conduits of healing, you must treat these crystals well. We also hope you have time to read how to use these crystals.