Although it would be great to think that you could just wake up and be happy all day, every day, most of the time, that’s not what happens. In fact, being happy like that is something of a rarity, and it’s much more likely that you’ll find yourself feeling down at some point during the day – perhaps for long stretches of time. 

However, the good news is that it’s possible to be much happier than you already are by putting some positive habits in place – once you do, you’ll be happier more often than not, and although bad days still might happen, you’ll be doing all you can to ensure you’re in a good most for the majority of the time. Read on to find out what to do. 

Practice Mindfulness 

Mindfulness and meditation are essential elements when it comes to having a happy mind, and that leads to having a happy body, so it’s definitely something you’ll want to try, as it can make a huge difference in your life. When you’re more mindful, you can manage stress better, and you’ll generally just feel healthier and happier, and even better, it’s not a hard thing to bring into your life. 

Start with just a few minutes a day when you can be entirely quiet and empty your mind of everything that’s troubling you – you’ll need to focus on the present moment and nothing else, as that’s the core of mindfulness. When you can do this, anything from the past that was causing you problems and anything you were worried about in the future can disappear, and your stress will reduce along with it. 

Manage Stress 

Following on from above, it’s also important to manage stress as well as possible if you want a happy mind and body. Mindfulness and meditation are a good start, but there are other things you can do as well, and putting as many of them into practice as possible is well worth it. 

Start by working out what it is that’s causing you stress and then work out ways to reduce or eliminate the issue. If your hair loss is stressing you out, you can speak to experts at to come up with a solution (in fact, since stress can cause hair loss, this is probably something you’ll want to look into), for example, and if it’s your job then start to look for another after creating a great resume. If it’s your finances, think about how you might deal with your debt or start to earn more money. Once you have plans in place to help you move forward, you’ll be more motivated and less stressed. 

Stay Socially Connected 

When you have good, strong social connections and relationships, you’ll be much happier and you’ll be healthier; studies have proven that people with friends tend to live longer. That’s why – among other things – it’s so important to spend time with friends and loved ones when you can. 

When you’re with other people, feelings of isolation and loneliness will disappear, and you’ll be happier all around. Plus, you’ll have the support you need when times are more difficult, meaning your mental health will be better-taken care of as well.