Peter Hook, the famous English singer, songwriter, and producer, once said, “you cannot buy class.” But there is a caveat to this thought: “Unless you know what luxury is.”

When you notice how some homes seem to cost so much money but have little to no luxury, it should remind you of this quote.

The epitome of modern luxury is not just in the price of the house or the value property on which it sits. It is one that makes the occupants feel lavished, feeling royal, and living in opulent beauty.

Are you a home buyer looking to invest in a luxury home or already own one and are looking for ideas to scale it up? Here are five of the most important things that define luxury in a home today.

1. Technology and Automation

Technological innovations define and direct all our lives today. From smartphones to smart cars, they make our lives easier and smoother. Your home should also feature a smart system to make your life easier and more luxurious.

It should be that, at the touch of a button, you can control the climate of the house and get an update on every other system in the house.

A modern luxury house should have wireless automation systems that buyers want to use without worrying about how they work. The best smart home system should be holistic and well-integrated rather than a collection of separate smart devices.

2. Floor Area and Plans

Is a home really luxurious if it has no grand entryway and an expansive and well-aired floor plan in every room? Open floor planning is one of the top criteria for a luxury home today.

A house is more luxurious when the kitchen, living, and dining room share space. Open floor plans improve traffic flow in the place and also enhances communication and scalability.

Besides, an open floor plan makes the house look and feel larger than it is. Because of the shared light, it also helps reduce your carbon imprint and allows more flexibility.

3. Entertainment Rooms

A million-dollar house needs to have an expansive indoor theatre and game room. A century ago, even the most opulent hosts had limited options when it came to indoor entertainment. That is why drinking gin and playing poker or billiards was the true definition of entertainment.

Today’s guests want to play poker on Borgata online casino while sipping double vodka with ice. Your entertainment room should have the latest technology gadgets to complement the main house.

These may include immersive surround sound systems, high-speed connectivity, and 8K wall screens. Today, the wealthiest have taken this a step further with indoor basketball courts and lavish bars with pool tables.

4. Kingly or Queenly Bedroom

A home’s luxury does not stop when you cross from the public area to the owner’s private sanctuary. If anything, this is where it should start. After all, most, and sometimes the most valuable times are spent in the bedroom.

The bedroom of a luxury home must have a large floor space with top-notch technology and entertainment systems. In-built automation systems that control the home security, lighting, and indoor climate tops it off.

5. Location

Finally, the location of the home is what truly defines, whether it is genuinely luxurious or classless. Luxury is defined by expansive private property surrounded by the nature of trees and even water.

Exclusivity is essential when seeking to live a luxurious life. Your home should be an oasis where you can relax and wind down in privacy at any time.

The hottest places to have such a property are an expansive ranch, exclusive beachfront, or a leafy suburb outside the city.


While your idea of luxury may be different from someone else’s, the baseline is the same. Luxury is attainable, but it comes at a price that you must pay in full and in advance. These five ideas are the true definition of home beauty, comfort, and comfortable living today.