A home is where we are most ourselves. It’s where we come to after a long day at work and plop our legs on the table while we unplug from the hassle of the day. A home is also a manifestation of our personalities in the way we decorate them.

Many of us fantasized about becoming homeowners from when we were children. When we had our little rooms that we had control over or when we were frustrated by sharing a room with an annoying sibling. These planted the seeds for the plans we have as homeowners now.

Designing a home is no easy feat. Sometimes you find beautiful pieces of furniture that cost a fortune, other times you find aesthetically pleasing fixtures that serve no practical purpose and end up being discarded or you then hire some expensive interior designer who creates a home that you are not truly comfortable with with with because it betrays your personality. 

This is why designing smart is always best, picking practical but timeless pieces that suit the kind of person you are so your home can become an extension of yourself. You will come to appreciate it in the end when you come back home from a long day at work and have a fuzzy feeling in your stomach because you have created a haven just for you.

This guide will offer a few ideas to create a comfortable and beautiful home for yourself. 

Ease Organization

One of the first things you should consider when designing your home is the ease of organization. Ask yourself if certain pieces of furniture are practical enough to be useful while making the home beautiful. This is important especially if you live with your family. So, consider having a stylish coat rack by the front door so you can easily hang your coats and even consider a vintage stool just beneath it so you can sit on it when you take off your shoes. You can even get light fixtures from local stores or online stores like alti.com.au and others to brighten up the home. The organization should not be sacrificed for aesthetics because after some time of living you will find it difficult to tidy up if everything isn’t in its place. 

Create A Reading Corner

This is a great way to curate a section of your home to satisfy your reading hobby. This is always a great idea regardless of the amount of space you have. You might not have a spare room to transform into a reading place but you can convert a small nook in your living room to serve this purpose. 

You can set up a comfortable couch or a stylish bean bag right beside a window, a small table with a shelf underneath it can serve as a mini library where you keep all your current reads and the table can be for keeping your cup of coffee while you read. Design this space how you deem fit, with your favorite painting or art fixture and even a scented candle to always set the mood.

Buy What You Love

Trends are very fickle things, they disappear after a while leaving you with designs or furniture you picked solely because they were in vogue. This is why it’s important you buy what you love when designing your house. Only you know why you are comfortable on a particular couch and you should not sacrifice that comfort for some trend. This will most likely cause you to abandon that particular room because you will find out you don’t particularly like being there. 

Don’t depend on online suggestions and if possible find a physical store to buy your things because online shopping sometimes overstates or undersells particular items making you miss out on good designs.

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Your Sleep Is Important

After a stressful day sometimes all you want to do is sleep and doing that in a room that is equally comfortable and beautiful is one of the best feelings. Paint your room based on a color scheme you adore and not one suggested by trends and current style. Invest in good pillows and a bed that suits your needs. 

Your room is the most personal space in your home and it should shine with items that mirror who you are so that you can enjoy the times spent there. Find a balance of modern and vintage items you love, and also statement art that will make the walls pop. 

When you achieve peak comfort in your home, you’ll be surprised at how much time you’ll enjoy spending there.