Home Maintenance Tips

When purchasing a house, many buyers do not think about the financial responsibility that comes with home ownership. However, you should not forget about the labor and time that goes into taking care of a home. If you are a new homeowner, thinking about the tasks you need to carry out can be quite intimidating.

Here are some tips for home maintenance you need to know about:

Inspect The HVAC Filters |HVAC filters should be changed once a month. However, if your family is small and nobody has allergies, you will be okay with changing your filters once every two or three months. If you find that the filter is dirty during inspection, change it immediately.

To save money, you can opt for cheaper filters that need frequent changing instead of buying the expensive varieties. But you need to weigh in whether this will really be a money saver depending on how often you change the filters.

Clean Your Sink Disposal | If you use your kitchen sink frequently, make sure you clean it at least once a month. The easiest way to do this is by using vinegar ice cubes. Let them run through the disposal to sharpen the blades and freshen your system.

Test Carbon Monoxide And Smoke Detectors | You can test your detectors by dangling some smoke or carbon monoxide in front of them. If the alarm sounds, your detector is fine, but if it does not, you might need to replace the batteries and run the test again. If the alarm still doesn’t work after you’ve changed the battery, there might be some corrosion on the battery terminals. Clean the battery terminal and test the detector again.

Check Exterior Drainage | Does the rain flow away from your house? You should not allow the water to gather near your home for more than 24 hours. If the water moves towards your foundation, check your gutters, as there might be a bad connection. If this does not work, you should consider hiring professionals to raise the pavements around your home.

Home Roof Maintenance

Check The Roof | Unfortunately, most homeowners do not know whether the roof needs to be repaired until they notice a leak. Do not wait for your ceiling to show water spots; be proactive. Get up on the roof and run water over it, then ask someone to stay in the attic and report if any leakages are detected.

If only a few spots are leaking, you can use a sealant to block the holes and prevent water passage. However, if your entire roof is leaking, you might need to contact replacement services like that of South Jersey roof replacement service. This might be costly but it will save you more money by avoiding even greater water damage.

Repair Window Screens | You do not want bugs to make their way into your home because you missed a hole in the window screen. Although duct tape might work in the short-term, do not leave it on for long because it will make your house look unsightly. If repairs are too costly, think about replacing your entire window screen.

Deep Clean Your House | Your family should take one Saturday out of each month and perform a proper deep clean. Make sure to clean the windows, appliances, and carpets to prevent accumulation of dust. Keeping your appliances clean will ensure they remain functional longer.

Home Garden Maintenance

Take Care Of Your Garden | Finally, according to the owner of automatic lawn sprinkler New York based firm, you should take care of your garden by watering it and removing the weeds regularly to maintain your home cleanliness.