Horses are very delicate animals, and without the proper care, they won’t perform or work as expected. For instance, they need to be well-fed and vaccinated against diseases.

In addition, horses need other forms of care like grooming and regular exercise. There are many manufacturers of horse care products, but you can trust Kentucky for top products and advice on how to take care of your horse. That said, let’s look at some available horse care products and how they’re used.

Body brushes

You should regularly brush your horse’s coat to keep it shiny and free from dirt. If you don’t brush your horse’s coat, it could become a breeding ground for pests. The animals can cause skin diseases and chaffing when you’re riding.

To brush your horse’s coat, use a designated body brush. Horse body brushes comprise soft bristles which remove dirt and pests, leaving the coat shiny. To brush the coat around the face, use smaller brushes, typically known as facial brushes.

Hoof trimming tools

You ought to check your horse’s hooves before and after each ride or exercise jog. Why? To check for injuries and diseases and to ensure the shoes fit correctly. If your horse’s hooves are overgrown, you should trim them to help it walk normally.

In addition, you should have a hoof pick to remove any dirt, mud, and small rocks in the hooves. When left unattended, they can cause irritation, making your horse act rowdy.

Horse getting brushed

Mane and tail comb

Your horse also needs a separate mane and tail comb, typically made from metal or plastic. A mane and tail comb are specifically designed to detangle the hair in the mane and tail without pulling it out. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t use a mane and tail comb to brush the coat or face of your horse; it’s a bit brittle, so it can irritate the skin.


Horseshoes are known to many people; they are typically made of metal, albeit you can find some made of synthetic materials. Synthetic material hooves are more modern, and like all other shoes, they are designed to protect the hooves from wear and tear.

Horseshoes are fitted to the ground or palmar section of the hooves. The palmar side of the hoof is insensitive, hence why the shoes are nailed onto it.

In addition, you can use hoof dressings, oils, and treatments to better care for your horse. However, most horses have healthy hooves and feet, so they might not need dressings and oils, but you can still use them if your area has harsh weather.

Riding Gear

Taking care of your horse requires more than just having the right saddle. Equipping your horse with the appropriate saddle pads and other gear is also an essential part of proper horse care.

Not only does a saddle pad help protect both the saddle and the horse’s back, but it can also provide much-needed support and cushioning against pressure points. It is important to have quality saddle pads that are properly fitted to your saddle, as well as other correctly fitting tacks including bridles and bits.

Another important thing to take into account is understanding the purpose you’re training your horse for, and based on that understand whether your horse needs half saddle pads, show jumping saddle pads, or just regular all-use gear.

Sweat scrubber

A sweat scrubber is a horse care tool that features a rubber edge that you can use to remove perspiration or water from your horse’s coat. This helps your horse dry quickly after a wash or cool off on an extremely sunny day.

In conclusion, like most other animals, horses need to be cared for throughout. The products listed above should help you provide the utmost care for your horse. As a result, your horse should always look good and even live longer.