Despite peak tourist season being in full swing, there’s never a bad time to be thinking about how you can make changes to your hotel business to attract more guests and improve your margins and revenue.

Whilst interior renovation should be high on your priority list, your hotel’s exterior shouldn’t be neglected. Curb appeal is extremely important and affects how potential customers view your business. We’ll be discussing some hotel exterior renovation ideas worth considering.

Façade and entrance

Your hotel façade should be eye-catching and worthy of grabbing the attention of the public. It should also be complimentary of the surrounding area and your brand should be easily recognizable right from the offset. 

If you’re upgrading your overall hotel entrance, consider repainting the exterior walls and upgrading old doors and windows to give the building an overdue makeover.

Driveway and parking

Perhaps you’ve envisioned a long driveway leading up to your hotel, which for some is the pinnacle of luxury. However, this may not always be possible, especially if your hotel is located in the city center. 

Your walkway and parking facilities should still be up to scratch, though. Consider renovating these areas with new paving stones and adding some spotlights for extra safety. It may be worth expanding your existing parking area, especially if you’re hoping to acquire more guests.


Don’t forget that the landscaping of your hotel makes a lasting first impression on your guests, so be sure to keep your lawns and hedges well-manicured, and keep on top of the gardening. 

Plant colorful flowerbeds and displays by the entrance to give your guests a warm and welcoming feel. Vibrant and thriving plants will certainly make your hotel appear more inviting. 

Roofs and balconies

Perhaps you haven’t thought about your balconies in a long time, so they probably need a good deep clean

It’s also a good time to check out the rooms that don’t have balconies and consider adding some to make your hotel more appealing. Guests love to have a balcony, especially if they’re wanting to enjoy the picturesque views around your hotel.

Think about adding a rooftop lounge if your hotel has the space for it. This creates the perfect leisure area for your guests to enjoy. You could add a rooftop garden, pool, and bar to utilize the space, and it’s an added luxury that your guests will certainly appreciate.