Hotels in Dubai 

There are nowhere else as many luxury hotels as in Dubai. Of course, speaking about this city, one cannot fail to mention its main hotel – Burj Al Arab. The legend says that one day the ruler of the emirate decided that his emirate needed a symbol with which people would associate Dubai. Whether it is true or not, is not known for certain, but in 1999 a hotel appeared, which has no analogs to this day – it was not for nothing that it was assigned the non-existent category of “7 stars”. Judge yourself: meeting in a Rolls-Royce at the airport, a helipad for those who travel by air, Michelin-starred restaurants, only two-story rooms, butler services, incredible design solutions- for example, the hotel’s atrium is considered the highest in the world. And when it seemed that it could not be better anymore, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah appeared in new formats – for example, the new The Terrace with an infinity pool.

Moreover, an example of minimalism is iconic for the city – the Armani Hotel in the Burj Khalifa tower in the city center and the real Atlantis The Palm – the first and only entertainment resort in the United Arab Emirates, located in the center of the legendary Palm Island.

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai

Luxurious Fairy Tale in Real Life 

Many foreigners find themselves in Dubai and unconditionally fall in love with this city, staying at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel – the one located on the coast in the JBR area (there are two “Ritz” in Dubai – the second is located in the financial center). Many people think that there is simply no better hotel in Dubai. The sincerity of the statement is reinforced by the fact that it was The Ritz-Carlton Dubai that newlyweds from all over the world choose for their wedding – the hotel is famous for fabulous wedding ceremonies on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Luxurious white tents, flower arches, red carpet, green lawns, sea breeze – it is incredible romance! Guests and friends alike agree that it is almost Hollywood luxury – one of the world’s best hotel brands is impeccable even in detail. By the way, this is where people go on their honeymoon – the Ritz is distinguished by its serenity and a special rhythm – relaxation and tranquility, but it is worth taking a step out of the hotel territory and you will find yourself in the thick of events of a noisy metropolis.

Unlike soulless, futuristic concrete and glass buildings, The Ritz-Carlton Dubai is an oasis of beauty, tranquility, and the right classic luxury, which has a special soulfulness. The local landscape is very picturesque: low, cozy Mediterranean-style buildings with tiled roofs and picturesque lawns against the backdrop of huge Dubai skyscrapers. This contrast is not found in any other hotel in the city. In a word, so that there is no rejection of the urban landscapes, choose a hotel as cute and beautiful as the legendary Ritz Carlton.

AX Capital will help you find Property for Yourself

If you decide to stay in Dubai for a long time, then it makes sense to rent an apartment. The cost of apartments in Dubai varies greatly – it depends on the area, quality of furniture, view from the window, infrastructure, and distance from the sea. In Dubai, a distinctive feature is that absolutely terrible apartments are not for rent – you have to try hard to get into the habit of housing. However, it is better to choose the right areas – Dubai Marina, JBR, or Palm Jumeirah (the latter option will be significantly more expensive). On average, good studio apartments start at AED 450 ($125) per night. A website for finding apartments in Dubai, which is used by everyone who wants to rent housing: you can also find rental property in Dubai here