Our homes are our safe-havens. Following the coronavirus outbreak, many people have started realizing that there are many tweaks and improvements their homes need to be more comfortable and functional. This has pushed over 38% of Americans to plan home remodeling projects. If this happens to be the case with you, but you are overwhelmed and confused, unable to decide what to tackle first, we’ve got you covered. Home improvement projects usually need a lot of planning, time, and effort to come together. To help you with this laborious task, here are some ideas you definitely need to consider, whether you need to increase your property’s resale value or make your home a better place for you and your family.

Kitchen Upgrades

They say that the heart of any house is the kitchen. This couldn’t be further away from the truth. For some people, their kitchen is their kingdom that they get to practice their favorite hobby and come up with delicious recipes. Some families even spend more time in the kitchen together at mealtimes than in any other room. Other people are just after increasing the resale value of their houses. These three reasons are why many people start with their kitchen when tackling a big remodeling project.

If you want to start with something simple, you can begin with kitchen appliances. While some people still resort to picking stainless steel, granite has also proven itself popular among other homeowners. Both options are efficient and practical. If you want to go bigger with your project, you can choose to redesign the whole space to look more modern, contemporary, or elegant. The most important tip to keep in mind when you are redesigning your kitchen is always to leave room for you and other people you share the house with to move comfortably.

Garage/ Basement Makeover

For many years, we have ignored the aesthetic appearance of many rooms in our houses look as long as they were serving their purpose. For example, the basement has been diminished as a storage unit for all the junk we can’t seem to find a place for in our houses. Our garages ended up serving the same purpose but in addition to “storing” our cars. However, as the top general contractors in Phoenix suggest, a  remodeling project that focuses on changing the look of such areas so that they can serve their purpose more efficiently is highly recommended. Tidying up, decluttering, and adding a modern twist to such spaces will not only change how your whole house feels and looks but can also increase the value of your house.

You can start with simple changes such as replacing the doors, windows, and curtains for such spaces. Or you can decide to dive headfirst and choose a higher-quality floor coating that gives you the aesthetic you are after. People who love throwing parties or hosting barbecue gatherings can even add some LED lights and an audio system to take it up a notch and enjoy their favorite activities in these abandoned spaces.

Bolder Bathroom Designs and Modern Amenities

While the whole world is enjoying bidets, freshwater, and experiencing the full potential of their bathrooms, many Americans are still afraid of this change. Designers and contractors have realized the importance of incorporating bolder elements to the designs of bathrooms, such as adding colorful twists and choosing modern patterns to eradicate the boredom surrounding bathroom designs. At the same time, many homeowners have realized the importance of integrating modern amenities that will upscale their bathrooms and add so much to their comfort. Bathrooms are usually the spaces we feel the most comfortable in. Whether you want to enjoy a long bath session with scented candles and essential oils or need some modern lights to enjoy your favorite book, looking at bathroom improvements differently has been popular among many people who realized the importance of making their space more comfortable and efficient.

Home improvements that make your space more comfortable, efficient, and luxurious should always be a priority. Nowadays, we tend to spend the majority of our time at home, which has led many homeowners to finally realize that their living spaces could use some remodeling. Working on making your house feel more like a home might be a tough endeavor that requires serious planning, money, time, and effort, but having a more comfortable and functional living space is worth all the hassle.