A comfortable mattress can go a long way when it comes to a good night of sleep, but what if we could enhance that sleep quality? A simple addition like a mattress topper can help you get better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. If you wonder how a mattress topper can improve your sleep or whether you can sleep on just a mattress topper, we are here to help.

What Are Mattress Toppers?

As the name indicates, a mattress topper is an extra layer on top of the mattress. Like typical mattresses, they can be made from various materials. The toppers ensure that you get additional comfort while adding some protection to your mattress.

Ways a Mattress Top Can Help You Get Better Sleep

From enhancing the durability of your mattress to being comfier, mattress toppers have a lot to offer in the realm of comfort.

  • They Make Your Bed Comfy

Sure, your mattress gives you excellent back support, but you still miss sinking into the bed. Using a mattress topper can give you the best of both worlds. A mattress topper can serve as a soft layer over your mattress, and you can sink into it while getting firm support from the mattress.

  • No More Stains on the Mattress

With the mattress topper covering your mattress, you won’t have to worry about staining your mattress. Any spills and signs of wear and tear won’t go further than the mattress topper. Additionally, you can use a cover for your mattress topper. A washable cover will make it much easier to keep things clean.

  • Your Mattress Will Last Longer

Not only does the mattress topper provide you with comfort, but it also lessens the strain on the mattress. Since the mattress topper will absorb most of the impact of daily use. Your mattress should last longer than usual. Combine the mattress topper with your habit of turning the mattress, and you are all set.

  • No More Night Sweats

If you have a problem with heating up while you sleep, we sympathize with you. Night sweats can compromise the quality of your sleep. That is why we recommend going for a mattress topper with heat technology. These mattress toppers have excellent temperature regulation, so you’ll be sleeping the entire night comfortably.

  • No More Allergies

Mattresses can accumulate allergens like dust, mites, etc., which can cause your allergies to flare up. Since these mattresses are bulky, they’re harder to move and clean. A mattress topper can resolve that since these are lighter and easy to clean. Furthermore, you can always opt for hypoallergenic materials when buying a mattresses topper. That way, the mattress topper will actively repel any allergens, and you won’t have to wake up hacking up a lung.

  • Get Decent Sleep Even if Your Partner Moves Too Much

If your partner tends to move a lot while they sleep, you probably feel every movement. No matter how much you love someone, you can’t sleep next to someone if they cause an earthquake with every movement. A mattress topper can help with that. It will absorb the impact of your partner’s movements, so you won’t be bothered as much and can finally catch some much-needed sleep.

Types of Mattress Toppers

Now mattress toppers can enhance your sleep quality, but only if you pay attention to certain factors while shopping. The last thing you need is getting home and finding out you got a mattress topper that is not doing anything for you. You can read more about the best mattress toppers on the market, but before that, you need to understand what these toppers are made from. Here are the different types of mattress toppers available in the market:

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam is made from dense material and is popular amongst people because of its comfort. If you are looking for something soft, this is the mattress topper for you. It’s comfortable and doesn’t transmit motion. However, if you are like to toss and turn during your sleep, it’ll be harder. Additionally, memory foam can get quite hot, so we recommend avoiding it if you have night sweats. Alternatively, you could go for gel memory foam as these are cooler.

  • Latex

Latex comes from rubber trees, so it is natural. However, synthetic latex is sold too, so go for a topper advertised as natural if that is your preference. Additionally, these toppers provide great support. They are firmer than memory foam but still quite bouncy. The good news with these toppers is that you won’t have to worry about allergens unless you are allergic to latex.

  • Feather and Down

It is all in the name. These toppers are filled with feathers, cheaper than the options mentioned earlier. The one downside is that you have to keep fluffing them. Additionally, if you are vegan, you won’t want to opt for these.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I sleep on just a mattress topper?

Mattress toppers are there to make your mattress more comfortable and last longer. You still shouldn’t just sleep on them, as the mattress is the one that provides the actual support. If you sleep on just a mattress topper, you won’t get much support and will feel the bed frame poke you through the topper.

  • Can I wash my mattress topper?

Yup, there are some mattress toppers that you can wash in a machine. You should check the manufacturer’s instructions before you do any washing, though. Certain mattress toppers like memory foam can’t be washed and come with removable covers.


We have gone over how mattress toppers can improve your sleep by providing better support. In addition, mattress toppers keep your mattress clean, prolonging their life. When looking to purchase a mattress topper, consider which type of material you’ll want to opt for. So, if you are having trouble sleeping or feel your mattress is a bit too firm, get a mattress topper. We promise you’ll sleep like a baby.