Thinking of other ways to get fit and healthy? Perhaps it’s time to pedal on and give cycling a try. More than just a green alternative mode of transportation, cycling has become a popular activity among people of all ages across the globe. Apart from being a sport that is relatively easy to take, it is also a great way to enjoy the outdoors and socialize with fellow cyclists. For adventure seekers who want to see more scenery, cycling is a wonderful option. For those on a weight loss journey, it can prove to be very challenging and monotonous. If you are tired of the same old boring workout routines and want a more fun way to lose weight, then cycling is for you! Learn more about how cycling can help you achieve your dream body by reading this post below.

Increase Intensity to Burn More Calories 

The key to losing weight is basically to burn more calories than the amount you consume. In this case, you need to cycle faster or increase the intensity of your cycling activity so that you can burn more calories. In an hour, you can burn around 300 calories by cycling at a steady and normal pace. Now, if you want to burn more calories, then you have to boost the level of intensity of how you cycle so you can use more energy and eventually burn more calories. It is also important to remember that your bike and the trail you plan to take will affect the intensity of your cycling session. This means that if you pedal using a heavy mountain bike in a muddy and uphill path, you will most likely exert more effort, require more energy, and ultimately shed more excess fat.

Do it, Slow and Steady.

Rapid weight loss is not encouraged, as you will most likely relapse and gain more weight again. To lose weight effectively, you need to set a realistic goal and opt to gradually lose weight instead. Experts recommend aiming to reduce only a maximum of 1 kg per week. This way, your body will not be in shock, and you can consistently remove excess weight without the risk of falling back again. The goal is to break the unhealthy cycle and keep a more consistent lifestyle at your desired weight.

Choose the Right Bike for You

You can’t lose weight overnight or with just one cycling session. It has to be consistent, and regularly, that is why you need to use a bike that will provide the utmost comfort and fits your body correctly. If you are comfortable with your bike, you will most likely be able to go a little further and help burn more fat. The key to choosing a bike relies on the distance you aim to reach, your level of comfort, and the type of trail you plan to take. These factors should be taken into account when you choose the right bike for your workouts. For instance, if you are a heavy rider, cycling enthusiasts from suggest you check for bikes built to provide the right amount of support for your body. Aside from your body structure, you also need to consider its design meets the type of surface you plan to ride your bike through. In general, the kind of equipment you need should provide ample support, safety, and comfort.

Complement Your Cycling Activity With the Right Diet

Diet and Exercise go hand in hand. After all, you need to fuel your body for you to be able to exert power while cycling and to function healthily after all. Avoid junk food as well as sugary and alcoholic drinks. To be able to burn calories consistently, your energy levels should be at a stable rate, so eat healthily. 

Incorporate Interval Sessions 

When it comes to losing weight, you have to set a workout plan so it will be more efficient and effective. Research has shown that adding variety to the intensity of your cycling sessions can help you lose more weight in a short amount of time as compared to just going at a steady pace. It has also been found that interval training will keep your metabolism running for the next 12 hours, which means more opportunity to burn excess calories throughout the day.


Cycling is an easy but effective way for anyone to lose weight. However, it requires the right gear, focus, and discipline to be able to reach your target. Just like any exercise, a workout plan that involves your diet and routine is needed to get the most out of your cycling sessions.