The best places for hunting are usually located far from large cities. In this regard, many fans of this activity must travel long distances in their cars and spend much time behind the wheel. In order not to experience difficulties and discomfort at this stage, the vehicle must have specific characteristics and be able to cope with various non-standard tasks. Let’s determine what criteria an ideal hunting car should meet and how to choose it correctly.

Body type

Traditionally, the best vehicles for hunters are SUVs and pickup trucks. The first option is a priority for those cases when you are going to hunt small animals and birds, and the second – is for situations where you are trying to catch a large trophy. Cars with both body types are characterized by all-wheel drive, a spacious interior, spacious luggage/cargo compartment, and much more. All of the above will help to cope with many problems that hunters often experience (for example, overcoming off-road areas, transporting large weapons, necessary equipment, and harvested game), making hunting an even more accessible activity.

An alternative option could be models with a “Shooting-brake” body type. These cars are a combination of a standard coupe and a station wagon. They have a spacious trunk, good cross-country ability, and can accommodate no fewer passengers than the most significant pickup trucks or SUVs. Today, such cars are in the model range of many well-known manufacturers, including Mercedes-Benz, Chevrolet, Volvo, Audi, Dodge, and Renault, so there will be no problems finding them.


Regardless of whether you use shotguns, rifles, carbines with German reticle scope, Dot, Mil-Dot, BDC, Duplex, or even with the classic Original reticle, you will still have to transport the weapon to the hunting location. Besides this, any hunter will need many other things to find a place in the car’s trunk. In this regard, one of the critical criteria for choosing a vehicle is its capacity. There are no specific standards since everything is selected individually, depending on the existing needs of the hunter.

The chosen vehicle must have space for transporting the hunted game. In the case of pickup trucks, this will be the cargo compartment, the size of which should correspond to the dimensions of the most significant possible trophy. If you use a vehicle with a different type of body, then you will have to transport killed animals and birds in the trunk or a special trailer. Also, do not forget about the spaciousness of the cabin and the availability of passenger seats. The greater their number, the more friends you can take on the hunt.

Off-road capabilities

A vehicle suitable for hunters must be designed for driving on any surface. Ideally, choose models that perform equally well on asphalt, gravel, dirt roads, sand, puddles and mud. This will make getting to the right place possible without losing nerves and too much time.

For a car to cope well with any surface, it must be all-wheel drive. In this case, you can cope with all the difficulties along the way and escape even the most difficult situations. In addition, the vehicle must have high ground clearance and be equipped with the most durable suspension and reliable tires that will not get punctured even when traveling over various sharp objects (for example, stones). Modern cars may also have special functions that make driving easier off-road. Availability is not a priority, but they certainly won’t be superfluous.

Towing capacity

Few ordinary drivers consider this criterion a key one when choosing a car. However, for hunting lovers, it is extremely important, and it is not recommended to lose sight of it. The higher your vehicle’s towing capacity, the more cargo you can carry. For example, with high values, the car can easily tow a trailer with a boat or ATV you plan to use for hunting. Maximum towing capacity will also be needed to transport a large trophy.

Among the many vehicles suitable for hunters, you can find models with additional systems, devices, and options that simplify the towing process. These include an integrated brake controller, trailer sway monitoring, and towing safety features.


Hunting grounds are often located far from populated areas, so the car chosen for traveling to such places must be as reliable as possible. Otherwise, a minor breakdown will create difficulties and ruin the most successful hunt. Most often, the most dependable vehicles are those models that use manufacturer components in their assembly. They are made from modern materials and tested before installation on the car. A thorough check of their condition when operating at maximum load makes it possible to identify defects and avoid them getting into vehicles put up for sale.

Safety and comfort

Vehicle safety is a crucial criterion when choosing any car. It is essential in cases where the trip is not made along a well-prepared road but off-road, which hunters often have to overcome. Because of this, the model they choose must be equipped with modern options and safety features that can warn the driver of danger promptly and protect him in the event of an inevitable accident. Most modern pickup trucks and crossovers also feature a unique off-road assistance system. It automatically adjusts the operating parameters of the engine, transmission, and all-wheel drive, allowing you to cope with almost any difficulty.

Equally crucial for hunters is a high level of comfort. This is achieved through various devices, from a simple air conditioner in the cabin to advanced equipment powered by artificial intelligence. The quality of the seats also influences the level of comfort, the accessibility of controls, the presence of a modern audio system, and much more. Of course, choosing a car in which everything will perfectly suit your needs is almost impossible, so you must strive to find the best option from the models available.

The peculiarities of hunting force lovers of this activity to choose a particular car that can cope with various tasks and save its owner from many problems. Such transport must be significant, roomy, reliable, safe, and comfortable. It should also be easy to handle off-road and easy to operate. If you can find a vehicle that meets most of these criteria, then any hunt will be as accessible as possible, regardless of where your favorite hunting grounds are located.