People adore balloons for their magical property of bringing back happy memories from childhood just by their appearance. Perhaps that is why they are so widely spread among people of different ages and social statuses. Helium-inflated balloons have become typical for festive events decor ideas. Extraordinary and luxurious decorations designed from versatile latex balloons can garnish any venue for celebrating an important occasion in your life.

What is the Float Time of Latex Balloons Filled with Helium?  

Currently, balloons are made from liquid rubber of a good quality that ensures their long fly time without additional blowing off. Actually, if inflated with helium, latex balloons can float for up to eleven hours, and more importantly, they do not lose their shape during the day. 

Such balloons give a tremendous advantage to designers and a great pleasure to a host and his guests. Balloons can float for up to eight hours or even a few days, depending on the size.  

 Benefits of Latex Helium Balloons

The key advantages of these custom balloons described below can persuade you to apply such décor items for the celebrations. 

 Float Time

A relatively long fly time of helium latex balloons allows you to enjoy decorations for several days after the party. Nowadays, a unique “hi-float” technique is widely employed by event companies. It forms a film coating at the bottom of the balloon, which prevents or slows down the helium leakage. Some producers assure that this period can be prolonged for the whole month. 

Sustainable to External Factors

Compared with other balloon kinds, latex helium ones are more resistant to natural factors. For example, an air-blown balloon can easily burst when it is freezing outside, while a helium balloon is not subjected to low temperatures. 

 Affordable price

The cost of helium latex balloons usually ranges between 50 cents and $1. Mylar balloons filled with helium are typically sold at a price of $1 to $4. You should keep in mind that the final price depends on the balloons’ size and shape.

 How to Properly Use Latex Helium Balloons

Of course, you can inflate latex balloons with helium beforehand to ensure everything goes smoothly during your party. But, it would be much better if you did this close to the celebration. 

The main factors affecting the lifetime of latex helium balloons include their size, temperatures at the venue, a hi-float option, and the material. Well-conditioned premises contribute to a longer duration of balloon decorations. Chilled environments are best for your latex balloons because they keep helium inside longer. Avoid placing latex helium balloons under the direct sunbeams and high temperatures since they can last a maximum of six hours in hot weather. If kept longer in such conditions, they can pop immediately. 

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