Glasses can be a great way to change up your look if you usually don’t wear them or use contact lenses, and of course, if you wear glasses regularly then knowing how to piece them together with your outfits for the best effect is an important style skill!

While glasses can be important for people with poor eyesight, they are also great accessories in their own right. Whether you need a strong prescription or are just going for the look, choosing the right frames and pairing them with your outfits and other accessories in a way that looks well-balanced and attractive can make a big difference.

Here, we look at how you can get the most out of glasses as a stylish accessory:

The Impact of Frames

When it comes to glasses as an accessory, the most important thing to consider is the shape and look of the frames. Most people who wear glasses all the time will want to have at least two different pairs, to give them greater flexibility when it comes to the outfits different frames work with. However, if you only wear them occasionally for the look (either with plain glass lenses or mild lenses you usually only use for reading or computer work) then you may just want to choose one pair that works well with the type of outfit you usually wear them with. If you are looking to buy some new glasses at the moment, then you can check out this page for a review of the online glasses store SmartBuyGlasses at, which you may find helpful.

While frames come in an almost endless array of colors and designs, with all kinds of embellishments and features, you can think of them as falling into two categories: subtle and statement. Subtle glasses include the ones that have no frame at all around the lenses, or those with thin wireframes, whereas statement glasses are anything from chunky black rectangular frames or bold colors, to cat-eye style glasses with diamante sparkles. Some styles fall in between, so it’s more of a spectrum, but where your glasses fall on the range from subtle to statement is really what determines what they will work well with.

Accessorizing with Subtle Glasses Frames

Subtle glasses have the benefit of being the easiest to pair with your clothes, but they make the least impact as an accessory. The frameless styles that are the most subtle of all are also the easiest of all to wear, but this is because it can be barely noticeable that you are wearing glasses at all. Therefore, this style is the best choice if you need to wear glasses but want to wear a very elaborate outfit or a lot of jewelry near your face (for instance, earrings, necklaces, or facial piercings). Opting for subtle glasses stops the glasses from making the outfit look too busy. They can also be the best choice if you want to go for a bold look with your make-up, as again, they won’t unbalance the effect by drawing attention to themselves. 

This makes subtle glasses ideal for when the rest of your outfit is making a statement already, but it can also make them a good choice if you are going for a sleek, clean look, for instance, in a monochrome suit or dress, and don’t want accessories taking away from the minimalist feel.

Of course, if you are wearing glasses purely as an accessory and you want them to be noticed, then these are not going to be the best choice, so now let’s take a look at their more exciting cousins, the statement glasses.

perfect glasses for an outfit

Accessorizing with Statement Glasses Frames

Statement glasses are any style where the glasses will be a dominant feature to your look. If you need help choosing a shape, color, or style of frame that will suit you, there is a helpful article here:

Statement glasses work best when there isn’t too much else by way of eye-catching detail close to them, so with these, you want to keep all jewelry close to your face as subtle as possible (think simple stud earrings and plain chain necklaces, or even no jewelry at all). You also want to avoid wearing them with elaborate or heavily patterned clothing. Color coordination is another factor if you have colored frames. Don’t wear clothes that directly match or clash with your frames. A bright red dress with bright red frames will look odd, but so will a bright red dress with bright green frames. Statement glasses look best with simple outfits such as a black or white dress, a plain suit, or jeans and a crisp white shirt.

Hopefully, these concepts will help you get the most stylish look when you are pairing your glasses with your favorite outfits!