Whether you want to enhance the value of your home or you’re just an interior design enthusiast, wall art will always meet the desires of your heart. One good thing about this decoration is there’s always something for everyone. The artwork you choose for your walls will set the tone of the room and add personality to your home.

With the right combination, you’ll be able to evoke memories and provide your guests with some conversation starters. Apart from the traditional ways of using frames and setting up a gallery wall, there are many other methods you can try and still achieve exquisite interiors with wall art.

Consider Canvas Printing

There are many ways you can display your art or photos, and canvas printing is among these techniques. Printing your photographs on a canvas guarantees durability, which means you can keep these art pieces for quite a long time. This style is also more affordable compared to framing.

Canvas printing is a good option if you want to achieve exquisite interiors. The matte or satin finish used in these pieces makes them a perfect choice for a brightly lit room as they don’t have the disturbing glare or reflection you’d usually encounter in framed photos. (1)

Another advantage of using canvas prints is their 3D capabilities. Unlike traditional photos, anything printed on canvas can stand out in a room and bring life to any picture, both great features an interior design should have. 

Wall Art

Have a Focal Point

One of the best methods for decorating your walls using art is by creating a statement piece or focal point—that is, a huge decorative piece that stands out from the rest of your decor. This is the first thing that would catch your visitors’ eyes the moment they step into a room. The statement piece also determines the area’s overall mood. 

If you have an idea of the kind of atmosphere you’d like to have in a particular room, you can use that as a basis for your focal point. For example, if you prefer a surrounding that shouts “natural beauty,” have a focal point with such feature in place. A picture of a flowing river meets this criterion and may still manage to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Once you have this big wall art installed, you can complement it with smaller pieces that have a similar theme. So if you choose nature-based wall art as your focal point, the rest of the art should be based on that idea or something with matching color combinations. (2)

Go for Unique Wallpapers

If you’re worried that canvas printing and creating a focal point may not work for your space, wallpapers may be a good alternative for you. These decorative materials have grown in popularity over the past few years. As such, including them in your interior design ensures you’re meeting modern demands without stretching your budget.

To create a beautiful interior using wallpapers, you need to decide on the room’s theme. You can use different patterns for your living room to bring out the element of surprise while still maintaining a predefined theme. If you’re not sure about the right design to select, consider the color and style of your furniture. (3)

Decorate your Ceiling

Decorating your ceiling is a great way to complement your wall art and would make a room livelier and more exciting. Contemporary styles have incorporated this idea, with every available option serving a different purpose. For instance, there are wall art designs whose objective is to create an illusion of a huge room. 

Bringing the ceiling into play won’t only make your space more vibrant and livelier, but it would also ensure you’re creating an atmosphere. If you decide to go for a hand-painted ceiling art, for example, it would create such a conversational and friendly environment. This may be a great idea to consider if you’re decorating the interiors of a luxurious home.


Creating an interior environment that’s exciting can be quite daunting, especially if you’re not well versed in interior design. One of the best techniques you can try, however, is the use of wall art. Hanging a big piece of wall art in your living space can create a focal point that would attract guests’ attention the moment they enter the room. Then you can complement this art with smaller pieces that feature a similar theme. Other options you can try for your walls are canvas prints and unique wallpapers, which you can complement with a decorated ceiling.


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