Many of us go throughout life occasionally questioning whether we have done the right thing or if we could have done something better. After all, it’s only natural for us to experience moments of self-doubt. However, it goes beyond being ok when it starts to regularly affect us, preventing us from doing things simply because we don’t believe we’re good or capable enough. Sooner or later, we even begin to stop trying. If you’ve ever found yourself in such a position, this article has some pointers about how to boost your self-confidence.

What is Self-Worth?

It is said that this is an internal construct derived from self-acceptance, self-love, and self-understanding. It is subjective according to each individual and how much each of us values and respects oneself, no matter the opinions of others and how they may make us feel. 

Our self-worth can be determined by several things, including how we feel on any particular day or even what we do for a living. For instance, a good-paying job may provide you with higher self-worth than someone in a lower-paid position. Although, in turn, the low paid person may have higher self-worth than someone unemployed. 

Low self-worth can be caused by different factors, such as psychological trauma, no positive role models as an adolescent, or even struggling to meet financial obligations. So, when you need to boost your self-worthiness, what should you do? The truth is, there is no one answer. You need to discover what works for you. Furthermore, you have to be patient and give yourself time. 

Confidence Boosters 

Set Accomplishable Goals

Think about what you want to achieve in life, both personal and professional. Look at the short, medium, and long term. Think about how you’re going to achieve them step by step. Make each one manageable. They do not have to be complex. For instance, sorting out your clothes before the end of the month to give to charity could be one personal goal. 

Practice Affirmations

Say a few positive phrases daily; when you wake up and before you go to sleep. You can find some on the internet or make some that are personal to you. The more you say them, the more you will believe in what you’re saying.

Be Positive

Do not allow negative thoughts to fester in your head. For every negative thought that you cannot banish, think of something positive in your life to be thankful for. This can include having somewhere to live, food to eat, and hygiene products to keep clean.


Exercising is good for your body as much as it is for your mind. Research has shown that exercising releases endorphins that encourage positive thought. Exercising is also good to relieve stress and helps aid a better night’s sleep.


Helping others is always good to do and can often put our own issues into perspective. It can also improve our self-worth. Research has demonstrated that volunteering and helping others can often help us in developing our own confidence. 

Give Yourself Time To Heal

This is an important one that many of us need but are too afraid to allow because it forces us to confront past trauma. But to move forward, we need to acknowledge the past. Not dwell in it, but accept it and forge our way forward, past it. 

This is essential for us to grow. Ignoring aspects of our lives that are too traumatic to deal with will never provide us with peace because there is always unfinished business festering in the background.

Love Yourself

We learn to love others and often do so freely, but we can be so harsh at times when it comes to ourselves. Just as you may need time to heal, you may need time to learn to love yourself. You can do this in a variety of ways, such as looking after one’s health and enjoying some regular “me time.”

Trust Yourself

You have to learn to trust in yourself and your abilities. Any power anyone has over you; you have to learn how to reclaim as it’s rightfully yours. Trust yourself to be the best person who knows what’s best for you. You are in charge of your destiny, so trust yourself to take control of it.

Eradicate Unnecessary Negativity

Hang out with positive and positive thoughts, avoid those who are always talking about other people or are moaning. Their behavior will only begin to affect you. Likewise, if you spend time with positive people, they will make you feel positive. 

confidence & self-worth
Boosting your confidence is something that takes constant refinement. We never know what is going to affect us. However, if we have the coping mechanisms to help us when we falter, we will be able to pick ourselves up in no time. Trust in the process and believe in yourself.