These days everyone is short on time. Even though a lot of people are now working from home, the workload has increased so much that they often feel like they have no time for anything else other than work. While this is bad for your own health, this is also extremely harmful to the health of your pet. Whether you are a parent to a turtle, cat, rabbit, hamster, chicken, dog, or any other kind of animal, that animal has needs and as a pet parent, it is your responsibility to fulfill those requirements. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds even for those that don’t have time to eat. Here are some solutions for how you can take care of your pet when you have little time to spare.

Develop A Routine

The best way to communicate with your pets is to create a routine and acclimatize them to a certain lifestyle. Since we can’t verbally tell the pet that something is going to be different today, it’s not really possible to mentally prepare them for changes. Studies have shown that having a routine helps lower stress and anxiety in dogs and other pets too. Since they always know what to expect and are already trained to do things at a certain time, it helps them have a bit more stability in life and this helps them stay calm. This is particularly true for basic things like eating, going out, going to bed, and even waking up. When you have your own routine figured out, it will be a lot easier for you to help give your dog a regular routine as well.

Basic Needs

No matter if it’s Sunday or Thursday, or whether you live in the UK or Australia, the needs of animals will stay the same. Some animals such as turtles are very happy in their own box and don’t need to go out to do anything at all. Other animals such as dogs need regular exercise, they need human interaction,  medical checkups, and all kinds of other attention. If you happen to live in the Brisbane area you can outsource a lot of these tasks. When looking for Brisbane Dog Walkers that can take care of your dogs’ exercise needs, you’ll be able to request the services you need most If you don’t have time to go out for a walk a professional dog caregiver can pick up your dog and take them out to give your pooch the exercise they need. This can either be a one-on-one dog walk or it can be as a part of a group of four dogs. Group walks are an excellent way for dogs to socialize and you could even give your dog a day-long dog tour if you really want to give your pet a treat.

Bonding Time

Dogs in particular are social animals, much like humans. While they do enjoy bonding with other dogs and other animals in the house, they especially enjoy relationships with their owners. When you are the only person in the house and you have a tight schedule, it can be hard to manage time for bonding. Bonding with your dog is extremely important for their mental health as well as their learning. Moreover, a good relationship with your pet is beneficial to your health. Spending just a few minutes a day with your pet can help reduce stress and anxiety and let you relax mentally. Ideally, this should be a regular activity. The more frequently you can bond with your dog the better the relationship will be for both of you.


If you are already on a tight schedule, the last thing you want to be dealing with is a mess created by your pet. Sometimes when dogs are bored or anxious they can start tearing things up and chewing on your belongings, they can start poking their nose into things that aren’t meant for them and end up causing a mess. Getting started with dog training early on will make it a lot easier to manage your dog later. When you set boundaries for your pooch, they’ll know where they stand and this will strengthen the bond you have and also help you define some ground rules for your pet to follow.

Taking care of your pet cat

The saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is not necessarily true but it is harder to change a pet that’s set in its ways. The earlier you can get started with managing a good routine, feeding them nutritious food, taking care of medical needs, and training them, the easier it will be to live harmoniously. Doing this later in life, if you haven’t already, is still essential but the dog will be a lot less receptive to these changes. You might have to hire a dog trainer to help introduce healthy habits but it’s best to get a head start while the youngling is eager to learn. Take action today to help you and your pet live a stress-free life.