Wooden floors are a sign of luxury and prosperity for most people. Though that is certainly debatable, what is not is that you will want to take care of your wooden floors once you have them.

It is a significant investment to have wooden floors. If you want your wooden floors to last for the longest time and still look good, you will have to maintain them.

Every different season brings different problems for your wooden floors. However, there are things that you can do during any season to ensure that your wooden floors remain pristine.

The following are tips to help you care for your wooden floors:

Clean Spills Immediately

You will definitely experience spills on your precious wooden floors, no matter how careful you are. The key is to act swiftly and with purpose instead of fretting about it.

Wood expands and contracts to depend on the moisture level inside and outside of them. The longer you let a liquid spill sit on the floor, the more moisture it absorbs.

Therefore, you should rush to action whenever you spill something on the floor. Avoid using a wet cloth or mop; instead, use a dry microfiber cloth to absorb all of the liquid.

You should also fix anything that causes liquid spills in your house immediately, for example, pipe leaks. They will be devastating on a wooden floor.

Remove Shoes in The House

When you install wooden flooring in your house, you should immediately put up a corresponding sign saying no shoes are allowed in the house. Shoes scuffing your floors is one of the most common reasons for damaging wooden floors.

Therefore, you should be vigilant about removing shoes before you enter the house. It might take some time for all the family members to adjust, but it will be worth it.

The great idea is to have footwear for inside the house. That way, it becomes easy to remove the shoes at the door when you have something else to wear.

Use Furniture Pads

Another thing that usually causes scratching on wooden floors is furniture. It isn’t easy to address a scratch on a wooden floor caused by furniture.

The solution is to cover all the legs of furniture in the house with pads. Find the best furniture pad depending on your preferences and ensure every sofa, seat, and the table has been covered.

You should also avoid dragging furniture in the house regardless of how heavy or light it is. If you have to move furniture around, you should lift it or use wheels.

Clean Your Floors Regularly

As with many other household items, if you want to take proper care of your home’s wooden floors, keep them clean. There are several facets to cleaning your wooden floors.

You should sweep your floors daily, depending on the type of wood. You can find the various types of woods used for flooring on Floor Venue. Dust settles everywhere in the house, especially on the floor.

The dust can settle into the wood grain and settle into the floorboards, making it harder to clean them. Therefore, sweeping and dusting your floor daily is a great idea.

You should also try vacuuming the wooden floors at least once every week. You should particularly do it if you have pets which shed all over the floor.

Vacuuming will help remove even the smallest of fibers from the floor. It will help reduce the number of allergenic substances in the house for those with pets, which will benefit your health.

Use a Wood Floor Cleaner

Sweeping and vacuuming your wooden floors may sometimes not be enough. If you want to keep your wooden floors immaculate, you should use a wooden floor cleaner.

These are liquids and chemicals specifically designed for cleaning wooden floors. They will clean your floors in ways that soap and water cannot.

The key is to use the wooden cleaners sparingly. Using them once a month is ideal though it will depend on your home situation.

wooden floors

Refinish your Floor

Wooden floors deteriorate over time due to use and damage, which should be expected. However, if you want to give your wooden floor that bright look, you can recoat the floor.

You should refinish your wooden floors every three to five years, depending on how dull they are. If you do, your floors will always look brand new.

To conclude, taking care of wooden floors is an everyday job. You have to be constantly vigilant to maintain them. The tips above will ensure that you always have a pristine floor that lasts for many years.