More men are wearing jewelry these days and for good reason. One of the problems with men’s fashion has always been that there are too few options. We still don’t have any competitors for the classic suit – the variations on it stick to the same basic principles. Jewelry breaks up the monotony and can elevate an entire look.

But most men do not really know what they’re doing when buying jewelry. If you’ve ever entered a jewelry store and felt completely at a loss for what to buy, you’re not alone. The experience is intimidating. You find a ton of expensive options before you but have no frame of reference for what looks good and what a good price is.

Classy jewelry is going to be expensive, enough that you are going to need to get extra insurance for your jewelry. But you cannot rely on price as a guide as to what looks good. Furthermore, some items that prove the most impressive will cost the least.

Here are some tips for choosing jewelry that is classy without paying exorbitant prices.

Take a friend whose opinion you trust

One of the biggest mistakes men make when shopping for any type of fashion is going it alone. There’s a reason for this. We’ve been conditioned to feel somewhat ashamed for wanting to look good. When we do go looking for an outfit or accessory, we do it with a semblance of guilt and secrecy.

When it comes to jewelry, at least, this is an instinct you should ignore. Taking a friend with you will make the experience far more productive. After all, without a friend, you are walking into a context you may not recognize and are at the mercy of the salesperson – you are already feeling vulnerable and find it difficult to assert your own opinion.

With a friend, you can more easily see past the salesperson and actually assess the potential items yourself. Make sure that you trust this friend’s opinion on fashion. Having a clueless friend with you may help settle the nerves, but it could lead to some terrible choices.

Ask for prices later

If the items you’re looking at don’t have listed prices, your instinct may be to ask the salesperson for their price before trying them on. After all, you don’t want to get attached to something that has one too many zeros at the end of its price.

However, ignore this instinct and choose a bunch of items you like. This way, you’re not biased towards or against certain items based on their price. You may like something on the cheaper side far more than an item that is very expensive but would judge them differently if you knew their prices.

What do you do if the items you choose are beyond your price range? You use them as a reference. Determine what you like about them and look for those aspects when looking at another store for different options.

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Don’t disregard cheap statement pieces

While you may not be looking at price as a measure of a piece’s value, there are some items that really should be below your price range. They look like cheap imitations and will not only not elevate your outfit but will in fact do the opposite.

But this does not necessarily apply when it comes to statement pieces. A statement piece is an accessory that will always make a statement. It stands out from what you are wearing, rather than seamlessly blending in. It can be the perfect way to draw attention to your look without even having to try.

The thing about statement pieces is that their value should not be their statement. Rather, a good statement piece should reflect your personality while being somewhat unique. For this reason, cheaper items are sometimes the best options – their value lies in something more than their price. This may be its cultural heritage or the story behind how you found it.

When you try to make a statement with an expensive piece, you run the risk of coming across as garnish. When you use a piece that you authentically love, you are making the right statement no matter what.