Bedding of the wrong size, which gives too much or too little heat can affect your sleep as much as a bad mattress. Perhaps you thought to renew your bedding? Want to buy some upscale bedding sets? Here are our recommended steps to make the right decision in choosing your bedclothes!

Choose the measures of the sheets well

To find the perfect sheets for your mattress, you have to consider 2 important criteria:

The size of the mattress

Once you are sure of the size of your mattress, it is not necessary to take bigger or smaller sheets since the sheets should be of the same size as the mattress.

The thickness of the mattress

To avoid “jumping” the bottom sheet, it is important to choose the size of the bonnet well. “The bonnet” is the part of the bottom sheet that allows you to keep the mattress well. To calculate your measurement, you only have to add between 5 and 7 cm to the thickness of your mattress

Bed clothing: Each station has its material

Having a bed at a good temperature is the key to good sleep. To not have too much heat or too cold, choosing the material of your bedding is important. The autumn-winter material

For those who tend to be quite cold at night, the flannel sheets will be perfect. The flannel is a cotton fabric of tight fibers that have been scratched, giving it a very soft touch, similar to down and keeping the heat. You will no longer have the feeling of cold sheets when you get into your bed. The spring-summer material

Satin sheets are ideal for hot summer nights because they are made of a mixture of silk and polyester, offering a very soft and pleasant to the touch, but above all very light. In addition, its bright and silky appearance gives it a very appreciated chic touch.

The materials that adapt to all seasons

Made from a plant, the linen has a soft touch, but above all a great resistance. Thanks to its thermoregulatory qualities, it maintains the freshness in summer, the heat in winter and adapts perfectly to the temperature of your body, allowing your good breathing at the same time.

Silk is also a material that can be used all year round. It keeps you warm during the winter and al fresco during the summer. It is the best multi-station material, but it is also the most expensive. It is a noble material that brings luxury, a lot of aesthetics and, thanks to the constitution of the fiber, we feel immediately super comfortable in it since it is very soft and elastic. However, it is also a fragile material and therefore, you have to be very careful when washing and ironing. Maybe you did not know, but silk also has many virtues for skin and hair.

Finally, the cotton sheets (the most used), are also valid for the whole year because they are natural, healthy and absorb moisture thanks to their properties of good ventilation. The quality of the cotton is determined by the number of threads used in its manufacture. The greater the number of threads, the better the resistance of the fabric. The biggest advantage of cotton sheets is that their maintenance is very simple!

Now you know all the tricks to choose your sheets well!