One of the great things about an online casino is that there are lots of offers and bonuses that await the player. In a land-based casino setting, bonuses for card games and table games are rarely offered, but the thrill and excitement of duking it out with real players still make these games popular. In the online casino card games, game developers and online casino operators have relatively more freedom to offer promos and bonuses to their card games as a way of promoting their casino and reaching out to an international audience.

As a card game player, this is awesome news, and so we’ll help you explore how to claim great bonuses from online card games.

New Member Bonuses

One of the easiest ways to claim a bonus from online card games or any particular game in an online casino is to register and become a member of the casino. Online casinos need a strong member base and an expanding market to make their business more profitable. Thus, new members are very much welcomed and provided with attractive bonuses and offers. These bonuses can range from free slot spins, free games, discounted first bets, and many other enticing bonuses. Different casinos may have different rules and policies when it comes to availing and claiming bonuses, so be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions before completing your sign-up or registration.

Deposit Bonuses

Another easy bonus you can claim is the deposit bonus. When you open an online casino account, you will be required to make a minimum deposit for you to be able to start playing. Deposit bonuses can be offered along with registration bonuses or can be offered as a separate bonus. Casinos have varying bonus percentages offered, with some reaching 200% of your minimum deposit. If this offer is attractive to you and you can make the required minimum deposit, you can claim a 200% deposit bonus here by checking out some of the sites that offer them. Again, we emphasize that you fully understand the terms and conditions for claiming this bonus to avoid it from getting void.

Referral Bonuses

This is a relatively new concept of bonuses, but new and emerging online casinos employ this type of bonus to attract more players. The terms and conditions of a referral bonus can be pretty straightforward and easy to follow as long as you meet certain conditions. The casino may require the referrer to be a registered online casino member and has played a minimum number of games to be eligible. Depending on the casino, there may be a set limit on the number of individuals a member can refer to. Individual referral links may be provided to the referrers, which they will provide to friends and acquaintances they wish to refer to. The bonus may be automatically added to the member’s account once the referred person clicks the link given to them and successfully registers a new account with the casino. At other times, an email notification will be sent to the members that their referral bonus is ready to claim or activate.

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Frequent Player Bonus

Some casinos may have a special bonus in place for avid card game players or players of any of their available games. They may have an electronic raffle of several members who have reached a certain number of played games, and the selected lucky pick gets to avail the bonus. At other times, they may randomly select a set number of players who have reached the prescribed number of games. This may be considered a passive bonus, as you may not have to actively claim this bonus like the other types.

Bonuses are not just ways of enticing new players, but they are also ways of appreciation shown by online casinos. After all, it’s the players that make the online casino operating smoothly and profitably. As a player, you also have to grab these great bonuses because it is the casino’s way of telling you that you deserve them. So choose your bonuses wisely and try to make consistent winnings!