Today, more than 67% of small businesses utilize different social media tools.

Factors like better customer engagement motivate businesses to use social media tools. But unfortunately, poor-quality images on your social media platforms can turn off many customers. So, you must invest in stunning images to gain the most.

A stunning image on your social media will capture your targeted audience’s attention. You will also easily convey your message to the target audience. Lastly, capturing stunning social media images builds brand loyalty.

Maybe you’re wondering how you can create stunning butterfly images for your social media campaigns. Check out this guide to learn about some top tips for stock images.

Set an Objective

Your social media campaign visuals should be aimed at achieving something. Clear goals for your social media images can also help you monitor your marketing. For example, you can aim to achieve brand awareness, drive traffic, or boost customer engagement.

Such goals act as a roadmap for your social media marketing growth. The faster your social media campaign grows, the more customers you can reach.

capturing images for social media

Capture Candid Images

Your social media photos should not be boring. Instead, candid social media images should boost your brand by adding a human element to it. Several factors can help you capture candid photos.

The first tip is to take many photos from various angles. Shooting from various angles ensures that the customers can see all parts of the image.

Poor lighting can significantly hinder the quality of your social media images. Consider taking the pictures in natural lighting. Avoid using the camera flash to prevent a yellow light on the images.

The other trick is cleaning the camera lens before capturing the images. This prevents smudges from forming on the images and declining their quality.

Editing the Images

Editing allows you to correct possible errors in the image, improving its quality. The first tool you can use to edit your social media campaign images is a selective color tool. The tool will help you add new tones and colors to make the image more attractive.

The layer mask is another great editing tool to consider. The tool can help boost the transparency or translucence of your social media images. Removal of opacity from the images is also a great way to capture your audience’s attention.

A background remover is also an important editing tool to utilize. The tool can remove background from an image, making the image more visible and attractive.

Lastly, consider utilizing Presents to edit your social media images. Presets will speed up the editing process and save you time in the long run.

Your background social media images should be free from any complexity. For instance, a bright or colorful background can enhance your social media images.

Create Stunning Images Today

Stunning images on your social media platform should be a priority. Quality images can attract more customers and boost your sales in the end.

The discussed tips will help you create the best social media images easily and quickly.

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