The walls of your home provide such a wonderful opportunity for creativity and individual expression. The way you decorate your walls can have such a huge impact on the rooms in your home can make spaces appear larger or smaller, and can showcase your artistic or personal interests. The walls of your home are blank canvases with endless possibilities to create something quite special.

To help all the budding interior designers out there, this article is our guide on some of the most interesting and innovative ways to decorate your walls.

1. Experiment with Color

The first thing you will have to do when decorating any wall is to decide what color scheme or pattern you want to use. This decision is usually linked to the overall style of your home. It will dictate various other decisions like what furniture you need and the best lighting to accentuate the color schemes. Modern contemporary style has become very popular in recent years, and this tends to utilize simple monotone colors on the walls. If neutral, lighter colors are used, the furniture, artwork and other pieces tend to be bolder or made from darker materials. On the other hand, if you decorate your walls in bold and bright colors, the features in the room should be subtler.

2. Display your Favorite Artwork

The best way to decorate your walls is by displaying your favorite paintings and other artwork. One of the most interesting things about visiting someone’s home is looking at their home to see what kind of art they like and to hear their stories about different pieces. A painting or piece of art on the wall can be a real statement piece and can spark a lot of great discussions. Serious art collectors may display expensive, historically significant pieces. At the same time, other people prefer to decorate their walls with paintings from different countries and cultures that they have experienced in their travels.

Many religious people display religious pieces on their walls. Some people display bible verses on art, paintings of their favorite scenes from holy books or symbols with particular importance in their faith. Religious artwork allows homeowners to express their faith and to feel closer to God and the teachings of their religion while they are at home.

The artwork is ideal for decorating walls because it doesn’t matter what colors you use on your walls; it always looks great. One way to help tie your artwork in with your furniture or other features is to frame it in the same materials or colors as the other things in your room.

3. Put Up Photographs of your Friends and Family

Another really special way to decorate your walls is to put up photographs featuring all of the important people in your life and the times that you have shared. Many family homes have photographs of family members decorating the walls throughout the house.

One great idea that many families do is to have a family photo taken every five years so that they can all be displayed in different rooms to show how everyone has changed. Decorating the walls with photographs of family members who have passed away is a nice way to remember them, and every time you pass by their photo, you can take a moment to remember happy memories that you shared with them.

Photographs on the walls are also a wonderful way to remember special events which happened in the past, like weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Married couples often decorate their walls with their favorite moments from their wedding day and honeymoon. As they build their lives and home together, additional photos are later added to the walls of children, family pets, birthday parties, and family vacations.

4. Hang Tapestries or Flags

Decorating your walls with textiles like tapestries or flags is a great way to add color and texture to a room. There are some really beautiful tapestries which people bring back with them from their travels, which can inject some culture or international spice into a room. Many people like to display tapestries with spiritual significance to them or special patterns that have particular importance.

Flags can also be excellent decoration and enable you to celebrate your heritage, nationality, and culture. Flags on both your interior and exterior walls are a great way to show visitors that you are proud of your roots and that you want to celebrate what the flag means to you by displaying it on your walls.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating your walls. Artwork, photographs, and tapestries and flags are all fantastic ways to add a whole new dimension to the walls of your home. Mix and match different features, and you will create something that is unique and represents your personality and taste.