Buttoned shirts are a fashion item that can be easily styled up for formal occasions or parties or styled down for more relaxed social events. They are a highly versatile fashion item that suits the type and looks great in a range of colors and patterns.

 Knowing how to style a button shirt can provide you with the freedom to create a wide range of different outfits that are suitable for all types of occasions. Below, we have discussed some great ways to style women’s button-down shirts for both formal and informal settings.

Top Tips for Styling Up Button-Down Shirts

Here are some simple yet highly effective ways to style up a button-down shirt if you are attending a formal occasion, wedding, funeral, dinner party, or work interview. You can also use these tips for general day-to-day use as a simple and eco-friendly fashion choice if you often wear buttoned shirts for work.

Pair your shirt with tailored trousers

Tailored trousers pair perfectly with buttoned blouses. They look smart and professional but are still comfortable to wear and easy to style.

Go for a pair of black or navy tailored trousers and pair them with a neutral-colored button shirt. You can wear a colored shirt if you wish, but avoid anything too vibrant, as this might look too casual.

Wear a smart blazer over your shirt

Blazers are the perfect fashion item when you want to look professional but also stylish. You might wish to wear a longer blazer that extends over your trousers or a cropped blazer that shows off your button shirt underneath.

Men wearing sophisticated accessories. Photo by Aliakbar Nosrati via pexels

Choose sophisticated accessories

The accessories you choose to wear with your button-down shirt significantly influence how smart and professional it looks. Choose stylish and subtle accessories, such as dainty gold and silver jewelry, and avoid anything too bold and bright.

Top Tips for Styling Down Button-Down Shirts

If you have an informal event coming up, such as a friend’s birthday party, a family meal, or a trip to the local retail park or cinema, follow the tips below for styling down your buttoned shirt and keeping things casual.

Pair your shirt with denim jeans

Jeans are often seen as an informal piece of clothing, making them an ideal choice for social events with friends and family. They pair up perfectly with button-down shirts of all colors and will ensure maximum comfort, no matter where you are going.

Wear your shirt with a baggy cardigan

There are very few clothing items that are more comfortable and cozier than baggy cardigans. An oversized cardigan complements button-down shirts and keeps your outfit casual.

Wear your shirt open with a vest underneath

Buttoned shirts are great layering pieces. To dress down your shirts, consider wearing it unbuttoned with a vest or tank top underneath. Consider mixing and matching colors or patterns to make your outfits unique.