While more than one-third of the UK is worried about visiting Asian countries in the near term as a result of Covid-19, nations such as Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Thailand are likely to remain incredibly popular travel destinations over time.

Asia is particularly popular amongst serious travelers who want to enjoy a truly unique experience, usually by visiting a host of different nations within a short space of time. However, this type of trip can be challenging financially, and there’s often a requirement to earn money as a way of boosting your bank balance while overseas.

In this post, we’ll explore three of the best ways to earn money while traveling through Asia, and ask why they’re so effective for international explorers!

Teach English

 English is officially recognized as the most spoken language in the world, with an estimated 1,132 million speakers across the globe.

There’s subsequently a high level of demand to learn English in regions such as South East Asia, and some of the poorer nations in this region are constantly looking for people who can teach this effectively.

Make no mistake; there’s always a plethora of ESL jobs in Southern Asia, especially in nations such as Vietnam, Singapore, and Thailand. You can also find short-term and flexible ESL jobs that enable you to earn money while optimizing your travel itinerary, helping you to strike the ideal balance when managing your time overseas.

Trade the Forex Market

 For those of you with knowledge of the financial market, you can also create a stream of relatively passive income by trading currency on foreign exchange.

Not only is this market more accessible than ever before in the digital age, but Asia is also a hotbed of trading activity and volume. More specifically, three of the top five forex centers are based in this region, with Singapore, Hong Kong, and Japan accounting for 19.7% of the overall market.

If you want to trade seriously and optimize your returns, we’d also recommend using mobile and intuitive apps such as the MetaTrader 4.

This enables you to access a vast array of technical indicators, analytical tools, and customizable charts, while also connecting you to a real-time market and trading opportunities from across the globe.

Market Your Skills as a Freelancer

 As you can see, one of the best ways to earn money while traveling overseas is to market your existing knowledge or skills, and digital evolution has certainly helped in this respect.

For example, if you’re able to market in-demand skills such as web design, SEO, and copywriting, it’s now possible to operate remotely and work with clients from anywhere in the world.

All you need is a laptop and a reliable Internet connection, and this undoubtedly enables you to create a flexible working schedule that allows you to operate around your travel adventure.