We get so worked up when a special event is approaching, especially if we want to get a special present for a loved one. We go around asking our mutual friends, parents, or siblings for help when we run out of ideas because, let’s face it, if we have known someone for so long, we have probably exhausted all options. Fortunately, you can rely on flowers as they are the signature of care as the florists over at https://flowercompany.ca/ describe them. No matter how many times you gift them, they never fail to impress. That’s why you should always consider a bouquet when picking any gift. 

If you live in Canada, then you probably know that the flowers in Toronto are especially known for their freshness and diversity. You can get creative with your Toronto flowers, and design a gift basket that contains several small gifts instead of one big gift. The art of assembling a gift basket is relatively easy to master, and this guide will help you design the perfect one that can take your loved one’s breath away. 

Pick a Basket

Don’t go over the top; gift baskets can be expensive, and they may not always be worth it. You can go to thrift shops or vintage boutiques if you want a unique container. The first thing you should check when you go to the store is the shape of the basket. You should pick one with a flat bottom to keep the items’ in place and prevent them from moving around. You won’t be able to decide on the height of the basket until you know how tall the items you are going to place inside them are. Make sure the basket can accommodate flowers. Take the box with you to the florist and see how they look inside.


Alternatively, you can make the basket yourself. It may be more challenging than buying a ready-made one, but it means so much more. You will have to get the right materials for the design you chose, and the idea you are going to execute should be carefully thought of. If you think of the person as your home, you can build a house-shaped box. It will be heartwarming, no matter what you put inside. After you are done, you can glue some Toronto flowers on the exterior of the box. On the other hand, if they love the beach, you can get a sand bucket and make some alterations to it. 

Make it Personal

The whole idea of a gift basket is to make it personal. That’s why all your items should be picked with your loved one’s interests in mind. Choose a theme and proceed accordingly. You can buy coasters, pens, a notebook, or an antique piece that represents their favorite movie or band. For book lovers, getting them a book by their favorite author will make them euphoric, but don’t limit yourself or stray away from the theme. Just make sure that they will like whatever you throw inside. 

Some items are known to have sentimental value. For instance, candles are associated with peace and tranquility. The scented ones can help people calm down and sleep better. They can also be lit for a romantic evening, as they give a lovely ambiance to any room. To make it even better, you can make them yourself! Start by buying beeswax – it is eco-friendly and doesn’t release benzene as it burns away. After that, melt it in a pan and add the desired essential oil. While stirring the mix, scatter some of the pre-ordered Toronto flowers to give it a unique look. Then, pour the mix into a small glass box and let it cool. Don’t forget to put a wick in the center. 

Mix and Match

Choose items with different textures, and add all kinds of materials to give the basket a more intricate look. For instance, you can add a glass jar with colorful notes inside with a crochet scarf, or a bag full of handpicked Toronto sun-dried flowers. The different textures and colors are eye-catching and will look pretty from afar. Also, keep in mind that size variation matters. Don’t choose items with the same measurements because they will look cramped, and you will find it difficult to artistically arrange them. If you want to add a little mystery to your package, fill the basket with Toronto flower petals and hide the gifts underneath them. 

How to Arrange Gifts?

First of all, line the bottom of the basket with foam to keep everything in place and sprinkle some glitter over it. While arranging the gifts, place the heaviest and tallest items in the back and gradually decrease the weight and size as you make your way to the front of the basket. There will be some small spaces between them that may look like black triangles. You eliminate them by wrapping chocolates and using them to fill the empty spots. Another solution is to place some of the Toronto flowers randomly. 

flower arrangement set as a flower gift basketBe careful with the fragile gifts because they may get crushed by the heavy ones. To secure the items better, connect them in a zigzag manner using ribbon or cellophane. After you are done arranging, you need to wrap the basket using tulle or other preferred fabrics. A crucial tip is to be generous while cutting the wrapping material because it is better to trim the excess than to throw it and start from the beginning. If you don’t like the dull look of simple fabrics, cut the rest of the Toronto flowers and glue them to the tulle. Last but not least, tie a bow on the top to seal the basket. 

Gift baskets are underrated despite the amount of effort people put into them. But as you can see, they make great, personal gifts that show your loved ones how much you care about them. Putting one together is not that hard, and you will find yourself doing it with passion and excitement. Don’t forget to place some flowers from Toronto inside, as they will be a great addition to your personalized gift!