Waste management in a home setting is an important consideration. Remember that garbage is a major source of pollution to the environment and health hazards.

Besides degrading the environment, garbage damages the ecosystem. The waste materials pose a real danger to your health. Some wastes decompose naturally, while other wastes like glass and plastics don’t decompose. 

Local authorities have designated landfills for disposing of garbage. However, the rate of garbage production far exceeds the rate at which they are managed. 

The effect is a continuing pile of garbage in dumpsites, becoming a big health concern for people living nearby. So, what should you do?

Acquire the Right Garbage Bins

Garbage bins are ideal for keeping up with your trash and ensuring your surroundings are tidy and clean.  

The goal is to protect yourself and the environment by properly managing your garbage. The rubbish bin helps you safely dispose of any trash and lets garbage collectors sort out the trash for recycling.  

As an ordinary household, keep a garbage bin to manage your wastes and protect your family. Buy an appropriate bin size that accommodates your wastes without spillages or messes.  

Donate Reusable Items

What you may consider wastes can be of help to someone. Donations are a way to get rid of garbage easily. First, sort out your junk to separate the reusable items from the trash. Put the reusable items in a box and donate them to people who need them.

Don’t throw away usable items even if you have bought better items. You can use a professional junk removal service at NixxitJunk.com for convenience. Hold them in your garage before giving them away to free up space in your house.    

Use a Dumpster Rental  

Collage your house garbage in trash bags and put them in a dumpster.  Properly seal the wastes to prevent stray animals from spewing the wastes around your property. 

For big items like broken furniture or other large items, rent a Dumpster online and dispose of them to save some space and keep your surroundings tidy and clean.  

Large items consume space, and dumpsters can hold large items. Dumpster rental costs vary depending on your locations, so make inquiries first.  

Avoid Buying Single-Use Items  

Single-use items are the biggest garbage contributors in the home. Items like paper plates, paper cups, pre-packaged plastics like sandwiches, salads, and other food items.  

Instead, buy reusable items like wooden knives, spoons, forks, and metal straws. Buy multi-use cups or cold jars for use when you buy coffee from a coffee shop instead of the plastic cups they use in fast-food chains.  


Most households dispose of leftovers in garbage bins after a meal. Why don’t you try composting? It helps turn your leftovers into something useful. 

Composting is decomposing organic wastes into hummus or turning them into fertilizer for your lawn or garden plants. Create a land compost full of worms and fill up your bin with them to digest your trash. You can use the finished product as fertilizer for your garden to grow flowers, vegetables, or shrubs.   

Yard Sales

A yard sale is an avenue to get rid of your junk while recouping some money in the process. It’s a solution to the junk in your house that you don’t need but don’t want to throw away because they are still in good condition or usable.  

A yard sale puts money in your pockets and frees up space in your house. You can give away items in bulk or bundles to get rid of them quickly. Most people frequent yard sales to get furniture, electronics, kitchen wares, etc. 

Thermal Treatment of Wastes

Burn solid wastes that you cannot recycle. The burning process reduces your garbage volume and clears your environment of filth. 

Also, you can use wood from your junk furniture for your furnace and outdoor heating during bad weather or winter.  

recycle garbage

Join a Waste Recycling Program

Some items are difficult to dispose of, like glass bottles from a party or your favorite drinks, which you may not know where to take them. Instead of piling them up in a corner intending to use them for a DIY project but ending up forgetting, you can join a recycling program.  

Several recycling companies offer incentives and cash back rebates for plastic and glass bottles. Call them to pick them up and get rid of your mess.  

The recycling program frees up space in your home, which you can use for another purpose, and it helps you get rid of the messes.    

Final Thoughts

Going zero wastes at home requires being creative. It may seem unrealistic or hard, but it’s doable. Engage your family in a collaborative effort to manage your wastes to keep the environment free from health hazards.  

Use the above tips to free your home of garbage and to manage your wastes more effectively.