According to the National Pet Owners Survey, 67 percent of all households in the United States own a pet. Cats are some of the most popular ones. They are small, quiet, easy to care for, and independent. They don’t need much maintenance and may help get rid of pets from your house. Playtime, medical attention when necessary, food, and rest are enough to keep your cat happy. However, ensuring that your cat has food when you step out is a challenge for many pet owners. Here are a few helpful tips.

  • Pet Sitter In Your Home

Consider letting a pet sitter in your home while you are away. This is a great option when you have a territorial cat who may have trouble going to a different home. Cats are likely to be happy in their established home surroundings. If you cannot hire a pet sitter, consider getting the help of your family, friends, or neighbors. They can check up on your cat, feed them, and ensure that they are comfortable. Many people will be happy to watch your cat in exchange for free accommodation. However, you must receive police clearance and exercise the necessary precaution.

  • Automatic Cat Feeders

With the right automatic cat feeder, you do not have to worry about keeping up with the eating habits of your cat. They can have a nice meal even when you are away. These feeders only give your cat a predetermined portion at a predetermined time.

If you are worried about malfunctions, consider getting two feeders and setting them next to each other. If you plan on feeding the cat twice, set one of the machines to dispense food in the morning and the other one to dispense it later in the day. That way, your cat won’t starve even when one fails.

There are plenty of automatic feeders in the market. However, the team of experts at suggests that you read a few reviews before making a decision. The best feeders come with digital timers. These timers make it possible to customize feeding to suit your cat’s needs. They dispense small portions, and they are made with high-quality material to minimize the chances of being damaged by cats.

  • Pet Sitter Away From Home

Consider having someone else watch and feed your pet away from home. This option is safe and convenient. You won’t have anyone getting in and out of your home. Having someone watch your cat in their home is a good idea when you plan on being away for a long time. If you cannot leave your cat with family and friends, consider hiring a pet sitter. There are many great online services.

Interview a few pet sitters and read online reviews. Ask questions when necessary and pay attention to references from previous clients. Most pet sitting services will be happy to provide you with a list of references. 

  • Boarding Cats When On Vacation

You don’t need to leave your cat home when going out on vacation. Having them with you may give you peace of mind. There are lots of cat boarding facilities that will help ensure that your cat is comfortable and well-fed. There are boarding options for all temperaments, ages, and breeds.

Let the staff know about your cat. Discuss its likes, dislikes, allergies, and schedule for the best experience. Bringing their bedding, clothing items, and toys could make them more comfortable.

Even though this option may be more expensive than the other ones, it offers more peace of mind.

black and white cat drinks from a drinking fountain

  • Water Dispenser

Cats need to access clean drinking water even when you are not home. Use water dispensers in the hotter months, even when you don’t plan on being out for a long time. Even though water bowls work, they are not as convenient as water dispensers. Water from bowls evaporates fast, and your cat may not be left with enough. Get a water dispenser or two and set them up in strategic locations before stepping out. That way, you will be sure that your cats are not thirsty.

In conclusion, keeping your cat well-fed and comfortable when you step out is necessary. Even though cats seem to be self-sufficient and independent, they need just as much care as other pets. They are highly reliant on their humans for shelter, food, and safety. Fortunately, there are many options to feed your cat when you step out. They include using automatic water feeders, hiring pet sitters, or taking them on vacation with you.