The need to make your end life plan can never be stressed enough. Many dismiss the need to put the departing plans in order, claiming there is still sufficient time. The arrival of death is an unknown phenomenon, and as such, it is only prudent that we human beings, whether in middle or old age, have our departing plans in place. Other people may argue that such preparation is like inviting death; to counter this argument – death is inevitable; this is not a conjecture. Well, not to scare you, but it is good to prepare ourselves to leave or depart to the other world.  

Speak to an Attorney

We all have wishes. Wishes about our marriage partner, where we want to spend our old age or retirement, etc. Some people also have wished on how they would like their last procession conducted, the appropriate burial place, means of a send-off, those who should attend, and other things. Planning for this nitty-gritty will ensure your desires are met as you depart. Attorneys are instrumental in handling various situations. They are not only necessary when we are alive, but they can also be instrumental in executing our last-minute wishes.  

Prepare a Will

Your Will should detail everything that you want to be respected after you depart. That’s why you should speak to your attorney about what should be included and how it should be covered, though you can also draft an online will yourself. It can start with how you want your funeral service to be conducted and then detail how you want your assets distributed.

Secondly, you need to cover the type of send-off you will need. You can either choose to go for cremation or just the regular burial. If you wish for a cremation, it would be best to plan. Burial organizers of this website claim that it will give you peace of mind that your wishes are known, and it protects your family from having to make tough decisions. There are several cremation options, such as an urn, urn vault, among other options. Ensure you include this in your will.

Thirdly, you can choose what appears in the written forms and documents after you are gone. You may want to decide what is to be contained in your biography if you did not have an autobiography. The most crucial publishing is the obituary; what do you want the people to read about you? Document it in your will. Documenting the send-off details can be cumbersome; that’s why it is suggested that you keep in touch with funeral service providers or funeral homes to help you put your send-off details in order.  

Estate Planning

Many times we hear about sibling rivalries and court cases about the deceased’s inheritance and property division. You would not want your spirit to be disturbed by the scenes of your relatives or children fighting for your wealth. Through your living trust, with your attorney and estate planners’ aid, document how you wish your assets to be distributed amongst your relatives. You can also state what you would want to give to charity foundations. If your property’s heirs are still young, you can appoint estate managers until they become old enough to inherit and manage your estate.

Recording a Journal

Journals help us speak to our future selves and plan for everything we would want to happen if we are gone. You can write a diary and inform someone about its location and details so that if you are gone, they can follow some of your wishes, such as funeral services, cremation, and what they should include in the obituary. Therefore, the essence that time is of importance should serve as a reminder that we are mortal and that the life we live on this earth is like a designated path with a defined ending unknown to us. If you cannot afford the services of an attorney, keep a journal to help direct everything. Maybe you do not have any close ties; all you got is a bunch of friends; you can choose one to tell your journal’s location so that they can help fulfill your departing wishes. In the cloud technology era, you can write an online journal, back it in the cloud, and ensure someone can access it to implement the contents.


Your wishes may be too many or complicated to be stored in the human brain. Maybe the person you tell your wishes about is likely to forget them due to the last-minute confusion and grief. It is so that we come up with appropriate means to have all these wishes are respected. Time is always in motion, and every time it passes, it takes someone along. We are sojourners of the earth, but before you leave for your permanent rest, ensure your things and your send-off wishes are in order, according to your taste and desires.