Gone are the days when people decorated their homes in a distinct style, vigilant in ensuring that no “different” piece can find its place inside. Today, it is hard to find a house where owners do not try to mix all conceivable and inconceivable designs and elements to create a unique interior that no one else has. If you are one of those, who are looking for their winning combination and desperate to know how to find the furniture items perfect for both modern and traditional decors, keep reading as we are going to show you the right way of blending to perfection.

Basics Of Traditional Style

While the borders between different styles are getting fainter, people tend to mix things up, but everything is pretty clear with traditional design. It is classy, and comforting, without sharp transitions and eccentric details. This is not to say, tradition is dull and boring, not at all. Casual? Yes. Comfortable? Yes. But boring? No way. 

The most well-known attributes of traditional design are indeed muted fabrics and tone-on-tone color palettes, but even grey can be a real game-changer if you hit the right hue. When people think of classic ambient, they usually imagine wood furniture, and for a good reason – wood is a symbol of quality and longevity. Perhaps, one of the most distinct characteristics of the traditional concept is that carefully matching pieces create a whole yet simplistic look. 

While most renowned designers have nothing against this idea, they prefer to break the monotony to get a chic look. The easiest way to get the desired result is by bringing in a useful piece of furniture such as a wooden bookcase with square yet soft edges and a lofty color. You could also consider adding a wooden TV console cabinet to your living room. It will provide ample storage space while adding a touch of elegance to the room. You could also consider adding a wooden TV console cabinet to your living room. It will provide ample storage space while adding a touch of elegance to the room.

It is a great solution because you can always pair it with other furniture pieces, for instance, chairs or a mirror. The availability of various items of the same style and color is why many people opt for a certain painted furniture range that provides a diversity of options. Such a broad choice will serve especially well if you want that special touch in more than one room.

The Concept Of Modern Interior

Despite what many people think, modern doesn’t mean contemporary or futuristic. Contemporary design is typically offset by neutral colors, while square edges, metal accents, and shiny reflective surfaces are in charge of creating that special atmosphere. Modern design is different, at least when it comes to furniture. It offers a unique fusion of warm woods and bold lines enhanced with primary hues and a lot of symmetry. In addition to that, it boasts a sense of both balance and incredible coziness; well, some might name it a minimalistic touch.

To sum up, natural materials, heavy textures, symmetrical ornaments, and minimal accessories are the main elements of a genuine modern design. And one more thing we almost forgot about – heavy curtains are a no-no. If you want a modern style, leave your windows uncovered and let natural light in; the more, the better.

Can I Merge Different Styles?

As one famous saying goes, “My home is my castle”; therefore, the question is not whether you can merge traditional and modern or not, but rather how can you do it to get the perfect set-up. Well, generally speaking, you can’t just mix two unlikely styles, of course, if you do not want to earn the reputation of a person who has money but has no taste. For the best results, such a complex and delicate project has to be carefully planned as furniture is a big investment and it would be a pity to spend your hard-earned funds on something that cannot fit into your space.

Have you just realized that it is too late to make plans? No worries, many people find themselves in a similar situation – you already have some amazing furniture pieces that belong to different styles and, quite understandably, you have no intention to get rid of your favorite items. What should you do? To buy a new piece that would serve as a “bridge” between the two styles. Depending on the room or area where you need it, here are the best solutions that always work.

  • Wooden Bookcase

This element can be a perfect fit for different spaces regardless of whether they are decorated in traditional or modern style. As already mentioned, it should be a wooden bookcase with square yet soft edges and a lofty color that can make your classic room look more modern or vice versa. Depending on your needs, you can buy a low or tall variant but make sure it has clean lines and an elegant feel.

  • Classic Contemporary Sofa

Classic Contemporary Sofa. Photo via Pixabay by Jessebridgewater

If it’s time to get a new sofa, take a closer look at one of the popular nowadays contemporary variants. Clean lines, minimalistic design, hard edges and gentle curves, solid fabrics, or really modest geometric patterns (it’s not Art Deco) – it will be a perfect match for both traditional and modern furniture you already have. Be ready to face the fact that it will become a central piece in the room; therefore, think about the dimensions of your future sofa; otherwise, it can either dwarf other furniture or look too small compared to the rest of the room.

  • Modern-Style Coffee Table

In this case, your home is decorated traditionally, but if you want to add a fancy twist, a modern-style coffee table is your sure bet. You can play with material, shape, and even color, and you will have a plethora of options at your disposal. If you opt for wood, look for a square or rectangular format, while if you prefer round or oval tables, make sure it is made of toned glass as the combination of wood, and a round shape won’t bring you the sought-after result.

You do not have to change all your furniture to make your home a more sophisticated and cozy place to live. Usually, just a single carefully selected item can be a real game-changer, and now you know how to choose it.