Over 44 million households in the US alone rent out their homes, making it safe to say that competition is fierce. Ensuring that your property stands out with stylish design elements and high-quality furniture is the best way to attract potential tenants in the sea of opportunity. 

Furnishing any rental space can quickly become an expensive operation. To get the biggest bang for your buck without compromising on quality and functionality, it is best to wait for annual sales and look into shopping for deals with Lasoo to turn your design dreams into a reality. 

Start With a Plan

When designing and furnishing any new home or room, you won’t be faulted for wanting to jump in immediately to pick colors, themes, and pieces. But to make intentional, well-thought-out, and budget-friendly decisions, starting with a plan that identifies your overall goals is essential.

You need to begin with how you want the home to feel. Whether you hope for bright and inviting or edgy and exclusive, understanding the desired aesthetic appeal of your design dreams will dictate the rest of your styling plans and furnishing ideas. From here, you can draw up a list of needed pieces and other decor items, decide on a budget, and work in order of priority. 

Quality Over Quantity

When looking for furniture that has maximized durability and extended longevity, it is essential to choose a select number of high-quality and sometimes more expensive pieces instead of a wide range of lower-quality and cheaper options. Solid wood is a reliable go-to option for high-touch items like dining tables, coffee tables, and chairs.

For items like sofas, armchairs, and upholstered dining room chairs, it is strongly recommended to choose a high-performing fabric that is easy to clean and possesses water-resistant properties if possible. These pieces will endure a lot of wear and tear over time and will likely require multiple cleanings on top of general usage. If possible, purchase items specifically built to withstand heavy usage. 

Define Spaces

If your rental is a small but open-plan space, it can feel tricky to decorate without it feeling disconnected and cramped. However, a practical solution is to define spaces using clever furniture groupings. This will allow you to give meaning and purpose to the individual areas while still allowing for a sense of flow and connection. 

A well-position bookshelf makes for a stylish and functional room divider between a lounge and a dining room space, while a large kitchen island will divide a kitchen and lounge while doubling as a convenient cooking surface. 

furnishing of a luxury flat rental by TheStandingDesk via unsplash

Multi-Functional Furniture

Choosing practical, durable, and multi-functional furniture is a vital aspect of any rental property. Investing in multi-purpose furniture allows you to budget your furnishing spending better and helps you utilize space and storage opportunities far better than standard options.

Having tables, sofas, cabinets, and bedframes that perform multiple duties allows you to use them in various spaces across your home. This extended usability makes it easier to mix and match pieces or shift pieces from room to room should you grow bored with the current floor plan. 

Don’t Neglect Outdoor Spaces

Attractive outdoor spaces are equally as important as indoor rooms and deserve the same level of attention. The key to getting it right is investing in proper furniture specifically made to stand up to the elements of Mother Nature. Skip the inexpensive plastic chairs and look for furniture made from polywood lumber, which is weather-resistant and very durable, allowing for longevity and long-lasting color. 

Furthermore, consider how the outdoor space will be used. For example, if you have a pool, all-weather chaise lounges instead of stackable chairs will be better suited for days outside. 

Skip the Matching Sets

It may be tempting to buy entire matching sets for bedrooms, lounges, or dining rooms to get the process finished as quality and pain-free as possible. But for many home interior experts, it is a massive faux pas that heavily restricts your ability to utilize better-suited pieces. The trend is extremely outdated and can make your home feel uninviting and bland. 

An authentic and unique style can be achieved by layering pieces incorporating different shades, materials, and proportions to create a contrasting but cohesive space. Ensure you follow a general theme throughout the room to avoid throwing together an array of mismatched items that feel cluttered and chaotic. 

Furnishing luxury flat via Unsplash by Adam Winger

Consider Practicality

Very few things are more frustrating than creating a beautiful home that is difficult to keep clean. The constant struggle will have you instantly regretting every design choice you have made and could lead you to resent the overall style. 

Replace wall-to-wall carpeting in high-traffic rooms with a non-porous flat surface to allow for easy cleaning as needed. High-pile and shag rugs are traditionally quite difficult to run vacuums through, while pillows and comforters that can’t be thrown into a washing machine are likely never to be washed. Large, statement furniture pieces create drama and focus but are typically quite challenging to move when it comes to cleaning. Bear this in mind when deciding on furniture placement and layout.