Acne is an incredibly common skin condition that everyone has had to deal with at some point in their life. Though irritating, this skin condition can quickly be dealt with to get your skin looking healthy again.

Pimples come about when your skin produces a lot of oil due to increased activity of the oil glands. As a result, your pores become blocked and inflamed. Bacteria and other microbes may aggravate the situation. Pimples can appear on any part of the body that has skin, but they mostly appear on the face. It can be discouraging to see people with a perfect complexion. If we don’t have the luck to have such skin, we would need to find a way to¬†deal with comedones effectively on our own. This can help us develop a routine, and in the end, get us to have the skin we wished for

There is no sure way to treat or prevent pimples. However, there are numerous methods to minimize their severity and also keep them in check. Here are some of them.

Properly wash your face.

Removing excess dirt, sweat and oil is an essential part of preventing pimples. Washing your face at least once a day will help you to cleanse your skin. Make a habit of this by doing it daily for the best results. However, do not wash your face more than twice a day, as this will make things worse than they already are.

Your skin is a delicate organ and should be treated with care. Wash your face with alcohol-free cleansers that do not dry the skin.

This is how you should wash your face:

– First, wet your face with some warm water

– Then gently apply a mild cleanser in a rotating motion.

– Thoroughly rinse with clean water.

– Pat your face dry with a towel.


Moisturizing after each time you wash your face is vital in keeping your skin healthy. Washing strips the moisture off your skin as you fight the acne-producing bacteria. Moisturizing makes all the difference.

Be careful with the moisturizers you use on your skin. Many of these contain oil, synthetic fragrances, or sometimes other ingredients that may irritate your skin or cause pimples.

Limit the use of makeup

Consider going without makeup for a while. It is healthy for your skin. The more time you spend without using makeup, the more your skin gets a chance to breathe and clear up. It can be hard and embarrassing to go fresh-faced, but getting healthy skin is worth your sacrifice.

Avoid using makeup to cover pimples. This has the effect of clogging your pores and causing major acne outbreaks. If you decide to use makeup, avoid using greasy and heavy foundation. Go for products that are fragrance-free and non-comedogenic.


Many of us forget this simple yet important process. Hydration. Taking water has countless health benefits across the body. In our case here, taking water prevents or reverses the effects of dehydration.

Dehydration usually gives the skin a dull appearance. It also promotes redness and inflammation. When you are dehydrated, your skin produces more oil, which has the overall effect of pimples forming all over the face.

Prevent this by taking lots of water if you have the opportunity to. Taking eight glasses of water is unnecessary and quite frankly, impossible. Take foods rich in water like fresh veggies and the like. Do this, and you will start noticing the results in no time.

Avoid popping pimples

Do not be a pimple popper. Popping a pimple may have the reverse effect of causing bleeding and scarring on the skin that does not look good. Infections of the local skin may also arise when you pop pimples with microbe-infested hands. Pimple popping also results in acute inflammation of local tissue, which causes unpleasant redness, pain, and discomfort.

Use home remedies

Using this method for acne treatment is an effective, inexpensive way to always have healthy skin. An excellent example of a home remedy for acne is tea tree oil. It has the effect of reducing the number of both non-inflamed and inflamed lesions.

Use over-the-counter acne treatments.

OTC acne treatments are a fast solution for pimples. They may even prevent them from appearing in the first place. Most of these treatments contain either sulfur, benzoyl peroxide, or salicylic acid. They are great at spot-treating pimples or to preventing outbreaks.

Final Thoughts

Pimples, you get them now and then. There is no sure way to prevent or treat them. All you have to do is try to take measures and hope they will not appear.

They are annoying and sometimes have the potential to cause more permanent effects like scarring and psychological effects like anxiety. When managing acne, patience, and consistency of treatments will be key since most natural treatments will take several weeks to show results.