While graffiti can often be beautiful and is a known expression of art, there are times where it simply needs to be removed. The best time to remove graffiti is within 24-48 hours. Not only is it easier to remove, but it also gives the wrong message to the vandals, and they might retarget the area. It is something that you do not want your customers to see when they visit you. Getting rid of graffiti from different kinds of surfaces while avoiding any permanent damage to your property is necessary. Let us take a look at a few of these techniques.

Removing Graffiti from Wood

Wooden fences are one of the frequent places where graffiti and tagging take place. Wiping the surface with white spirit or acetone can help you clean a comparatively new wall that has not shown any signs of weathering.

If it is old or is showing signs of weathering, spirits will help the spray paints in getting absorbed further inside the wood. In such cases, you should try cleaning it with jet pressure. Applying pressure from outside edges and gradually moving inwards will help you get rid of the paint.

If none of these works, then you will have to paint over it or use a darker wood stain.

Removing Graffiti from Masonry, Brickwork & Concrete

Masonry and Brickwork are the favorite spots of graffiti artists. It offers them a large blank canvas to showcase their talent. Removing graffiti from such surfaces is tricky as you can’t take the risk of damaging the mortar between bricks on a property, calling for repair works. Using chemical or paint thinners on graffitis can worsen the appearance and hence, is a total no-go.

The unpainted surfaces would absorb the solvent-based spray paints, so using pressure washing is the best option. Professionals at Ablate say that using the pressure jet at 3000psi, and working from cleaning outside, and going inside gradually, is the best technique to clean the graffiti. You need to get a better understanding of what kind of pressure to use so that it is actually effective.

Acetone or baking soda products can also help restore large areas, only if you apply it without a lot of rubbing. Another way can be sandblasting the wall, but it may lead to leaving permanent marks on the surface, so you must take the help of experts if you plan to go down this route. If it is still visible and taking the graffiti off further is not possible, you will have to repaint the whole surface.

Removing Graffiti from Metal Surfaces

It might not be common to find graffiti on metal surfaces, but you can find it in places such as shutters and doors of shops. Because of the non-porous nature of the material, removing graffiti from the metal surface is usually a straightforward process.

Using spirit-based thinners such as lacquer thinner, acetone, or white spirits can help you in getting rid of it. However, some of it may remain intact, and you might have to do a little more scratching with the help of wire wool or light sandpaper.

In case you are still finding it difficult to get rid of the graffiti, you can make use of a pressure washer. It is always a good option to get rid of the graffiti and bring back life to any metal surface.

Removing Graffiti from Plastic Surfaces

Spray paints do not bond well with plastics, hence, it is easier to clean graffiti from such surfaces. Using hot, soapy water is an easy way to remove it at the first instance. If it doesn’t work, you can try using a light, penetrating oil applied using fine steel wool.

Avoid using strong thinners or spirit-based chemicals on plastic surfaces, as it tends to soften it, leaving an irreparable unsightly, tacky surface with a cloudy finish. Also, sandpapers do not work in your favor in case you want to get rid of graffiti from plastic. It could leave scratches on the plastic. You can repaint the plastic as the last option to get rid of the graffiti.

wall graffiti

Graffiti on your property is not pleasing. Depending on the surface, you can decide to do it by yourself using the above-mentioned outlines. It might be possible that you might lack the material or time to do this and want to get it done safely. In such cases, taking the help of a professional graffiti removal company is the best option. As mentioned initially, no matter which solution you choose, the best time to get rid of the graffiti is as soon as you witness it.