Of all the rooms in the house, the basement is the one that attracts the most pests. The reason is that most people store the majority of unwanted items in the basement.

All the clutter builds up and ends up being a perfect environment to attract pests. Pretty soon, you may have an infestation on your hands.

One of the most common types of pests you will find in the basement is rodents. Rodents include animals like mice and rats. They are dangerous pests to have in the house.

The following are ways to get rid of the rodents in your basement: 

Clean the Basement

The first step to eliminating rodents from your basement should be to clean it. According to a Glasgow pest control company, it is the perfect spot for rodents. So to get rid of rodents in the basement, you will have to perform one of the most thorough cleanings you have ever done.

By removing the clutter that houses the rodents and the dirt that they feed on, you can significantly reduce the infestation. Moreover, the clearer you can see the rodents, the easier it is to get rid of them.

You might have to call a professional cleaning service to clean your basement especially if there is special equipment placed there like the water heater. The key is to keep the basement clean, or they will simply return. 

Block the Entry Points

If you find rodents in your basement, then you should try and locate their entry points into the room. Rodents are large pests unlike cockroaches and need larger entry points to make their way into a room.

Eliminating the entry points will ensure that rodents can no longer gain entry into the basement and stop a larger infestation. It also means that they can no longer freely move in and out of the basement meaning they are trapped.

The entry points in the basement might include cracks in the wall, vents, or loose floorboards. Rodents can fit through the tiniest of spaces, so when you block the entry points, never think they are too small.

Use Traps

If you have a moderately sized infestation of rodents, mousetraps can be very effective in getting rid of them. The effectiveness of mousetraps is often in question but when used strategically, few methods are more effective.

It is wise to lay as many traps as you possibly can of as many varieties as possible. You should ensure that you choose the best bait for mousetraps as it makes a tremendous difference. A trap is meaningless unless the bait can attract a rodent. Great examples are sticky peanut butter, dried fruit, chocolate, or cheese.

Ensure that you replace the bait every few days to avoid it from getting stale. The fresher the bait, the more attractive it is to the pest.

Use Poison

You can use poison when the rodent traps fail or alongside them. If you can place some poison in the trap, the rodent may getaway, but they will die afterward.

There are many brands of poison for rodents that vary in intensity. If you have a large infestation of rodents in the basement, then you should be using as strong a poison as possible. Vice versa is also true.

Using rodent poison has serious risks for example if they are consumed by a child accidentally. They will also leave dead rats if you block the entryways so you will have to collect them. They might leave a foul odor in your basement as well.

Remove Food Sources

The reason that rodents infest your house is that they find food in there. If you remove the food, they will leave or risk starvation.

Granted, many rodents like rats can eat just about anything. However, they will prefer to eat any food before eating other household items in the basement.

Therefore, if you store any type of food in the basement or have anything rodents can eat, you should completely remove them from the basement. That may include packing all the food in the house in plastic Tupperware containers for the foreseeable future.

Clear Shrubbery and Grass from Your Property

Getting rid of rodents from the basement is not all about the inside of the house. The exterior of the house contributes significantly to the rodent infestation as well especially the landscaping.

Rodents like to hide in bushes and tall grass where you cannot see them. They will then utilize periods of inactivity to find ways inside your home.

You should cut back any shrubbery or bushes in your front and backyards if you have rodents in your basement. It will reduce the chances that they will find their way into your home.

Get a Cat

If you have a rodent problem in your home, especially rats or mice, you should get a cat. A cat is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of rodents in your basement. All you have to do is not feed the cat for a while and then put it in the basement. It will feed on the rodents immediately and will chase away those it cannot catch.

The mere presence of a predator in the house should deter a significant number of rodents. However, it should not be a small and gentle house cat. You need a somewhat aggressive feline to deal with a rodent infestation.

Cats have been used successfully in many places such as farms to control the mice population. Therefore, a cat can do a pretty good job in a basement of getting rid of mice.

To conclude, there are many ways to get rid of rodents in your basement. The above are the main ways that you can do on your own to relatively sufficient success.

However, the method you will use to eradicate the rodents will depend on the level of the infestation. The best thing you can do is ask for professional help. The methods above are great for small numbers, not a full-blown infestation.