Most of us have been there-a loved one needs help moving, but it seems like too much work. The moving process can be complicated, and your friend probably needs all the help they can find. Luckily, your help doesn’t need to involve a lot of heavy lifting. Here are a few ways to help without having to lift anything.

  • Bring a Meal

When your friend is stressed over the moving process, sitting down to have a meal may not seem like a priority. However, a good meal may offer an opportunity to rest and recharge. It allows your friend to clear their head and maintain high energy levels.

They are unlikely to turn down a home-cooked meal. However, you shouldn’t bring anything that requires much effort in preparation. Go for options that don’t result in lots of dirty dishes. 

The best options include pizza, chips, sliced veggies, fruit, and sandwiches. If you can’t stop by their home, consider ordering food to be delivered to their address.

  • Help them Pack

Helping with packing is one of the best ways to help your moving friend. In addition to speeding up the process, you can keep your friend company and help them avoid procrastination.

You don’t have to pack everything for them. An hour may be enough to get some work done in one area of the home. When your friend has the whole home to think about, they’ll appreciate the help, even if it is only in one area.

  • Watch their Pets

Moves are hard on pets. Unfortunately, the stress is passed on to their humans too. Even if the pets aren’t anxious about the move, they can get in the way, especially on moving day.

Offer to keep the pets at your place or take them for a walk. They shouldn’t be in their home while movers load and offload their moving trucks.

  • Offer to Babysit

Caring for kids can be a lot of work, especially when making moving arrangements. They slow down the process and could potentially be in danger. Your friend will appreciate the offer to babysit while they are busy packing and handling the logistics.

  • Paying a Moving Company

Moving companies make things easier. Your friend can sit back while the professionals handle everything. The professionals at don’t require much. After filling out a quick form, you can get free quotes and start exploring your options. You can enjoy exclusive discounts and deals to save money.

  • Make a Packing Playlist

The magic of music is undeniable. The right playlist will help your friend remain energized and upbeat when packing. No matter how tough a task may seem, music makes it fun. It semi-distracts you from the job.

If you can’t be physically present, this is one of the best ways to help your friend. It is nice to let them know you have them in mind.

  • Offer Your Vehicle

Allowing your friend to borrow your vehicle can be very helpful. If they don’t have a car, you can save them the trouble of hiring one. Even if they are already working with a moving company, they may need the vehicle for bringing valuables and smaller items. Although it may seem like a small effort, it makes a significant difference.

  • Offer to Work as Cleanup Crew

The move-out process continues when your friend empties all of their boxes. They still need to clean up. This may include repainting the walls, mopping floors, and cleaning the counters. If you can, consider cleaning up after the movers. Your friend will appreciate the help. Last-minute cleaning can be more exhausting than it seems.

Moving may be an exciting time for your friend. However, it is also complicated and frustrating. No matter how prepared they may be, your friend will appreciate some help. Luckily, you can show up for them without lifting anything. Simple yet effective tips to help include: helping them pack, bringing a meal, hiring a moving company for them, and offering to clean up.