It is almost certain that sooner or later, you will need a lawyer. In some cases, they can be necessary for pretty positively associated legal matters, like selling or buying real estate, planning to start a small business, or inheriting some property. However, it may happen that you will have to find an attorney to help you in a more stressful situation, like criminal defense, intellectual property theft, breaking the business law, social security issues, family law matters (like a divorce or separation), or suffering from a personal injury.

You can never know what will happen, so it is definitely a good idea to find the right lawyer for a lifetime of legal needs before there is an emergency. In this way, it will be a well-thought decision, not made in a hurry because you need legal advice or defense as soon as possible. We have prepared a short guide on what to consider before hiring an attorney, and we hope it will make this task much easier for you. Without any further ado, let’s get right into it!

Think What is Crucial for You

Before you start searching for a law firm, make sure you know what you want to focus on. It happens that a lawyer can have multiple specializations, as you can see in the offer presented by, for example, Cartwright King. On the other hand, some prefer to focus on just one kind of legal services and develop their knowledge in this particular field only. If you want to find a lawyer for a lifetime, it may be better to go for the one with a more comprehensive offer because, in this way, you will be able to use their legal help in almost any situation.

Moreover, financial issues can also be crucial, so think about how much you are capable of spending on hiring an attorney. Understandably, a more renowned lawyer may have higher prices, but also, they may be more efficient in their legal services. Also, another essential aspect can be the location. If you need a lawyer to see in-person and represent you in court, it is better to choose someone from your area. On the other hand, if you need some legal advice, a lawyer may be able to help you via phone or email, so their law firm’s location does not matter much.

Ask for Recommendations

If someone of your relatives or friends has already used any legal services, they may be a great source of information on what lawyer you should hire. Ask them to tell you what they liked and disliked about a particular attorney so that you can know what to expect from them. They will explain how devoted an attorney could explain all the law issues coherently, if they corresponded to particular legal needs, etc.

What is more, you can ask about their pricing and see if you can afford such a cost to hire them. Previous clients are usually an excellent referral source because they were once in your situation and know what questions to ask before hiring an attorney.

If none of your trusted friends or family members needed to hire a lawyer so far, you could also ask other professionals you cooperated with, such as financial planners or accountants. As they work in fields that are somehow related to law, they are likely to know the most recommended lawyers in your state or city. Interestingly enough, they may even know an attorney who sometimes works pro bono and offers free legal services in special situations.

Check the Opinions on the Internet

If it is not enough for you to hear a single person’s view before hiring a lawyer, you may also check some opinions on the internet. Please consider what other people say about their approach to the law and take care of the clients. Keep in mind that other people’s opinions on a chosen attorney are much more significant than how they try to present themselves online. Please do not get fooled by a glossy and modern website they have, but rather check their rating on such sites like Martindale Hubbel, SuperLawyers, or AVVO.

Obviously, you can never predict how your individual cooperation in a particular legal matter will look, but certainly, hiring a lawyer that is highly appreciated by their previous clients makes it much more probable that you will be fully satisfied with the services. You will find a specialist to take care of your needs associated with the law for a lifetime.


If you want to find a good lawyer who will cooperate with you for a long time, you need to make some effort. First, you should think about what is most significant for you – the cost, the number of specializations, or maybe the location? If you plan to use legal services for a longer time, it may be a better idea to choose one of the lawyers who have a wide offer and fall in your financial capabilities.

What is more, you should ask your family or friends for help in looking for an attorney because they may have been in a similar situation and know who to recommend. If you need even more opinion before you hire a lawyer, you can look them up on the internet. Check what other people write about their legal services, and you will be more likely to get an excellent specialist. Good luck!