Many nonfootball fans get lonely on Sundays. Since they aren’t fans of the sport they feel abandoned as their friends all hunker down to watch the games on Sundays. There is a way to enjoy the sport and see your football fan friends by joining a fantasy football league.

It adds a lot of excitement to the week to have a game to look forward to since you stand to win something. Even those that know nothing about the sport can play and even win since it just takes some research to put a good team together.

If your tastes are geared more toward bubbly than Buffalo wings, then you can host your own draft party and do it in style. In this article, we will go over how to host a high-end fantasy draft party to get in on the fun. 

Decide on the Format

There are different types of fantasy football leagues so it is important to pick the right format for your lifestyle and schedule. For instance, there are season-long leagues in which you are committed to playing every week. In this type of format, you will draft for the year and set your roster every week. 

The season-long format may not be the best fit for comedy that is busy or loses interest in things quickly. Luckily, there are also daily leagues in which you draft, set a roster, and finish the league by the end of the day. And since there are games even during the week, you can host a draft party for a Thursday Night Football DFS if that fits your schedule better than Sunday. 

Ask your friends who would like to attend what kind of league they would rather play and go from there. There is always the possibility of hosting the party without joining the league yourself if it doesn’t interest you.

Stick with Finger Foods

The draft is not really conducive to having a sit-down dinner and serving plates of food. The way it works is that there is a league commissioner that sets up the draft and one person at a time picks a player from the board. There is usually a time limit on how long the pick can take. Usually, it is just a few minutes otherwise the draft would take too long. 

If you serve finger foods then the pace can continue without people going hungry. Finger foods don’t have to be chicken wings and hot dogs, however. Think about petit fours and something like samosas instead of nachons. Or, you can do gourmet versions of things like nachos by loading them up with things like caviar or foie gras.

Take Breaks

The draft can take a while to complete and many people are distracted enough that they forget to eat much. Schedule some breaks to make sure that everybody gets a chance to enjoy the exquisite food and wine being served. 

Keep the breaks to something around 15 minutes so the draft doesn’t get too prolonged.