When it comes to putting your house on the market, there are an array of different ways to maximize the value of your property prior to selling. A home is often one of the biggest purchases we will ever make, so standing out to potential buyers will put you one step ahead of the rest and add additional value to your property.

Make use of every space.

Ensuring that no room is left untouched will help increase the value of your property. Cellars, in particular, are an area of the home which are often overlooked since they are seen as dark and damp places which offer no potential. Working with trusted architects in London will help you to convert your cellar into a usable space that can be enjoyed by the whole family; whether you choose to create a kid’s playroom, basement gym, or home office, the options are endless.

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Get closer to nature from the indoors.

Homes with a conservatory have been shown to increase the appeal to buyers. Having the additional space in the house, which provides plenty of natural sunlight and views overlooking the surrounding garden, a conservatory is a great place for homeowners to relax during the day. There are various options available when purchasing a conservatory, from timber frames to uPVC and various glass qualities to control the temperature. Researching your options beforehand to produce a welcome addition to the home which suits the surroundings is likely to go a long way.

Whip out the gardening gloves

Especially in cities where outdoor space is a luxury, making the most of your garden will really highlight the property’s potential to buyers. Creating an area for families and friends to enjoy during the nice weather is very desirable, with a patio that can home a simple table and chair set or BBQ. When potential buyers are viewing a property, simply mowing the lawn and sweeping any pathways or decking will enhance the area significantly and help the viewer envisage its potential.

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Convert the unused loft into a bedroom

Similar to basements, lofts are often left empty, and their potential is left unseen by many property owners. In fact, a loft conversion can add up to 15% to the market value and create an extra bedroom which is incredibly valuable to grow families and in huge demand, especially in cities where space is a luxury. With headroom being restricted, additional design considerations are needed to make the most of the areas with lower ceilings and create a contemporary space for everyday use.

Consider the option of an additional bathroom.

A second bathroom can boost the value of your home due to its desirability. There are multiple options for creating an additional bathroom, with the potential to create a luxury en-suite or a small downstairs bathroom for convenience. Although professional assistance will be required to link up the plumbing, the returns you could see from the house sale can return your initial investment and more.