The coronavirus pandemic struck in early 2020 right out of the blue and has changed our lives forever. Nobody would have thought that we would still be living with the consequences of the evil virus for nearly one year, but yet here we are, still unable to socialize and lead our lives as we once did. Many people have lost their jobs, and those with jobs find themselves working from home. Children are being educated over the internet rather than in school, and societies and clubs have been closed for fear of people spreading the virus.

This has all meant that many people are reassessing their lives and are planning trips that they might never have previously undertaken, such as trekking through the desert or the forest or going on a long backpacking adventure around the world. These types of trips have in common that preparation is key, as you must travel with the right sort of kit. Here we will take a look at everything you will need to bring on a long overseas trip, so read on to find out more.

Sturdy Boots

When you plan for a long overseas trip, you will inevitably be walking great distances, so you must have appropriate footwear that fits you properly. Depending on the terrain you will be covering, you will need a sturdy pair of hiking boots or a military-style pair of combat boots. It is also vital that you break them in before your trip, as the last thing you need is to get blisters all over your feet on day one. You should purchase them 6 months before your trip and break them in at least half a dozen times so that the leather is soft and they mold perfectly to your feet. This way, you can guarantee that your feet won’t give you problems when you set out on your journey.

A Rucksack

When you are heading overseas, there is no point taking a suitcase as you will not be able to transport it very easily, and it will cause more problems than it is worth. What you really need is an everyday carry backpack, otherwise known as an EDC. These were originally designed for use in the military. Still, in this day and age, they are extremely practical for every overseas trip as they are robust, lightweight, and, most importantly, are designed to carry as much gear as possible. The best EDC backpacks will allow you to walk all day without discomfort and permit you to sweat naturally. Although they are not cheap, they will be one of the best investments you make for your trip and will last a lifetime if looked after properly.

A Tent

When you are going away for a long period of time, you will not necessarily always be near civilization, so you need to take with you some form of shelter to keep the elements at bay, and rather than improvising with a bivouac, it pays to take a tent with you. There are many lightweight tents available on the market, so you can choose a size depending on how many people travel in your group. Modern styles are very easy to erect and will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, so you do not need different tents for different seasons. Furthermore, a tent can be erected anywhere so you will not need to spend hours looking for suitable accommodation when you have it strapped to your back!

A Satellite Phone

When you are in the wilderness, you would expect to find none of the mod cons in your normal day-to-day life, such as phone masts or electricity. This means that you will need to take everything with you to ensure your survival. Injuries can and do happen, so to keep yourself safe; it is important to carry a satellite phone so that you can communicate with the authorities should anyone in your group need help. It pays to be safer than sorry, so do the right thing and take a phone with you.

map for a trip

As we have learned, there are several important items you need to take with you on a long overseas trip. Sturdy walking boots should be your first port of call, and then you will need a rucksack capable of carrying all your kit comfortably. Make sure you have a tent so that you are not exposed to the elements at night, and a satellite phone ensures that you can summon help should the worst happen. Enjoy your trip!