Having your very own personal pool is a cherished investment. No matter the nature of your household, a private pool can offer you a lot, whether it is a fun time for the family, a party centerpiece, or a calling for some relaxing alone time. However, owning a private pool also means that you need to regularly attend to its upkeep. With regular use, a pool can get pretty dirty, pretty quickly. And well, no one enjoys bathing in a dirty pool. To keep your pool in top-notch condition and ensure it is ready for use whenever you need it, here are some tips on how to know when it is time to clean your pool.

Discolored Water

The most obvious indicator that your pool needs to be cleaned is the color of the water. Well, obviously, the water in your swimming pool should not have a color, but the moment it does should be the moment you realize it is time to clean your pool. Water in your swimming pool might be starting to show color for several reasons. If the water in your pool starts to turn green or a yellowish-brown, then that is a sign that you could be facing a serious algae problem. If the water in your pool has become cloudy, that could be a sign of insufficient circulation, or a chemical imbalance, both of which might need you to employ professional help. No matter the color the water has become, you can be sure that it is not safe, and it is time you start cleaning your pool.

Strong Chlorine Smell

As you may know, chlorine in swimming pools is necessary to ensure its cleanliness and free from contaminants. However, a strong chlorine smell does not mean that your pool is rich in chlorine and safe to use. Rather, a strong chlorine smell indicates that the chlorine in your pool can no longer keep up with the contaminants in your pool, such as sweat, urine, and bacteria, resulting in chloramine production. The chloramine in the pool actually makes that strong smell, and that is how you know it is time to clean your pool. If you were unfortunate enough not to notice the smell and went straight into the pool, then you might have noticed that the pool water does not particularly feel comfortable. If your skin is itching, or your eyes are irritated, this is another sign that it is time to clean your pool water.

Water Chemistry Problems

Are you noticing a grayish buildup against the walls or floor of your pool? What you are noticing is a calcium building up against those surfaces. That means that you need to get familiar with removing pool stains as part of your cleaning process. The buildup of calcium occurs as a result of a water chemistry imbalance. This not only means that your pool needs cleaning, but it also means that some maintenance is required to get your pool’s water chemistry back in order. 

Another indicator of water chemistry problems with your pool is bubbles on the surface of the water or foam around the edges. This could also mean a clogged filter or water contamination, which is yet another indicator that your pool needs cleaning.

Other Living Organisms

Your pool might be a magnet for social gatherings, but it is doubtful that you would like those gatherings to constitute insects or bacteria. If you are not caring for your pool regularly, you will start to notice that it is attracting different kinds of living organisms, such as algae, mosquito larvae, and water beetles. Even if the water in your swimming pool has not changed color, it is still a strong sign that it is time to clean your pool. While this might be simply a result of too many contaminants in the water, it might also result from a water chemistry imbalance, so it would be advisable that you employ a professional service.

A private swimming pool is a special thing to have, and as such, should be treated accordingly. While attending to your swimming pool might seem tedious, it is necessary to ensure its continued use so that you can enjoy it at any point in time and during any occasion. On the other hand, neglecting your swimming pool can lead to more serious damage and require more serious means for cleaning and maintenance. Make sure you keep your eye open for these signs to know when it is time to clean your pool.