Many of the people reading this might have been described as ‘not photogenic’. For these unfortunate people, looking great in person might be easy – but looking great in photos, not so much. But don’t worry: posing for photographs is a skill you can pick up with practice, provided that you’re able to spot those problem areas and sort them out.


If you’re front-on to the camera, then you’ll look a little bit wider than you actually are. If you’re conscious about your weight, then try turning slightly to avoid this effect. Of course, losing the weight in the first place is a more reliable solution, so don’t take this as a substitute for the right diet and exercise.

If you’re nervous about having your photo taken, then you might naturally adopt a hunched-forward posture. You can avoid this by consciously doing the opposite. Stand up as straight and tall as possible, and rotate your shoulders back slightly.


Your holiday photos are usually taken at happy moments, and so smiling is near-enough obligatory if you want to look your best.

If your teeth are letting you down in your holiday photos, then you can fix them with a set of quality veneers. These come in two sorts, for the most part: the expensive, permanent sort and the more affordable clip-on variety. If you’re just looking to fix a problem with your holiday photos, then the latter option might be preferable.

Of course, even the best-quality veneers is no substitute for looking after your teeth properly, so make sure that you do so!


Squinting in holiday pictures is another problem. Fortunately, it’s one that’s easily fixed with the addition of a pair of high-quality sunglasses. It’s very difficult to look worse with sunglasses than without them, especially if you’re traveling somewhere bright and sunny. So, make them an essential item of luggage.


No-one looks good when their photo is being taken from below, so make sure that you keep your camera above head-height. Point your chin to avoid sprouting the second one in the photo. On the other hand, angling your head downward will emphasize your eyes. This is where a selfie-stick can come in handy, as it’ll save you from holding your arm out at full length above your head.

Action Shots

A photo of someone actually doing something – whether it’s feeding an alpaca or bombing into the villa’s swimming pool – is always going to be more visually interesting than a static shot of you smiling at the camera. Even if you’re just walking on the beach or jumping on the spot, this rule applies. Better yet, get someone on your holiday to be in charge of taking spontaneous shots when you’re not even posing at all – you might find that some of them turn out better than you’d expect, purely because you weren’t expecting them!