Dressing up for a formal event can be particularly nerve-wracking for guests that don’t know what to wear. As most formal events usually have a strict black tie dress code, it’s easy to figure out what not to wear, but deciding what outfits and accessories to choose can be challenging. If you need some help deciding what to wear, read on for eight tips to help you look your best.

1. Find Your LBD

The little black dress or LBD is always the go-to that will make any outfit memorable. Perfect for almost every formal event, the ideal LBD fits like a glove, is exquisitely designed, and is easy and comfortable to wear. The best thing about this LBD is that it’s a wardrobe staple that can quickly be dressed down or up depending on what accessories are used.

2. Wear Dressy but Comfortable Shoes

Many people dread dressing up for formal events because of how uncomfortable their shoes are. This is why it’s so important to wear comfortable shoes when getting dressed up for formal events. Instead of forcing yourself into newly-purchased stilettos, it’s better to wear thicker heels that have been broken in as they will be easier on your feet.

Worried about spending all night standing up? Be sure to bring an extra pair of flats with you to make sure you’re comfortable for most of the event.

3. Overdress and Impress

When in doubt, dress to impress. If you’re simply not sure what to wear when getting dressed for a formal event, it’s best to choose an outfit that you know is impressive. In these situations, it’s often better to arrive overdressed especially if you’re expected to dress the part for a formal event. The worst-case scenario when overdressing is that you’ll be the one wearing the best outfit that night.

4. Wear Statement Jewelry

While the shoes and the dress make up the majority of an outfit, the jewelry is the icing on the outfit. The right pieces will pull any outfit together, so choose your jewelry carefully. In most cases, choosing simple pieces is enough to make a statement, whether you wear golden studs or a beautiful diamond necklace.

5. Understand Your Invitation

Part of dressing properly for a formal event requires you to understand the invitation properly. While there may be a dress code listed, part of understanding the invitation includes the type of event it is, who sent the invitation, and what time of day it is. For example, after receiving the invitation to a wedding, you’ll avoid any outfit ideas that involve long white gowns.

6. Keep the Balance

When dressing formally and designing your outfit to impress, remember that the right formal outfit is all about balance. While you want to wear something eye-catching, it’s important to make sure your outfit is flattering and appropriate. This means that every element of your outfit should be properly balanced.

Want to wear flashy jewelry? Pair it with a simpler dress. Hoping to wear a show-stopping gown? Choose a simple handbag and makeup look.

7. Choose the Best Purse

When completing your look, be sure to choose the right bag. If you’re headed to a formal event, the last thing you want to do is lug a heavy bag around. The right purse or clutch should mirror the style of your dress and compliment the color well.

Additionally, keep the way you plan to wear your purse in mind. Certain outfits call for a strappy bag while others look better paired with a handheld option.

8. Dress Confidently

Dressing up for a formal event isn’t just about the clothing you choose to wear. Always remember to wear an outfit that makes you feel the most confidence when preparing for a formal event. Whether you decide on a daring pantsuit or a designer dress, the best outfit to wear to any formal event is one that makes you feel and act like a million dollars.

Get photo-ready for your next formal event by keeping these tips in mind. With the right accessories and outfit ideas, you’ll be wow-worthy in whatever you wear.